Real Weddings: Heather & Jessica Olson

Date of Wedding: September 22, 2013
Dating Since: March, 2005
Ceremony: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Minneapolis
Reception: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Garden, Minneapolis
Florist: 38th Street Flowers and Mother Earth Gardens
Cake: Whatever the Good People Brought to Share at the Potluck
Photographers: Friends & Family

HeatherJess_Olson_01 HeatherJess_Olson_02 HeatherJess_Olson_03 HeatherJess_Olson_04 HeatherJess_Olson_05 HeatherJess_Olson_06 HeatherJess_Olson_07 HeatherJess_Olson_08 HeatherJess_Olson_09 HeatherJess_Olson_10 HeatherJess_Olson_11 HeatherJess_Olson_12

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