Real Weddings: Erica Holzer and Jane (Bowman) Holzer

By Kathleen Bradbury March 22, 2012

Categories: Dating & Relationships, Our Lives

Erica Holzer and Jane (Bowman) Holzer

Date of Wedding: August 13, 2011
Dating Since: Had dated 4 years
Ceremony: Macalester College Weyerhauser Chapel
Reception: Macalester College Kagin Commons
Additional Location: The Saint Paul Hotel
Photography: Studio Same

Jane and Erica’s wedding was a very personal reflection of themselves. The couple combined Erica’s Jewish traditions with Jane’s Unitarian traditions to create a uniquely blended ceremony. Complete with a bagpiper and decorations made by Erica’s mother, the wedding was full of positive energy and beautiful sunshine. Their photographer Pat Connolly recalls the “openness, warmth, and authenticity” of the event and the beauty of spending time with such a delightful family.

One Response to Real Weddings: Erica Holzer and Jane (Bowman) Holzer

  1. John A. Bowman says:

    I love you both so much. DAD

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