Real Weddings: Dani Theeuwen & Brittany Reiter-Theeuwen

Date of Wedding: June 22, 2013
Dating Since:  April, 2010
Ceremony & Reception: Best Western Kelly Inn, Plymouth
Florist: Centre Floral, Sauk Centre
Wedding Coordinator: Louy Theeuwen & Susan Miller with Best Western
Cake: Byerly’s of Plymouth
Invitations: Pear Tree
Photographer: Tracy LeCapitaine Photography

BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_01 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_02 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_03 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_04 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_05 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_06 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_07 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_08 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_09 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_10 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_11 BrittDani_TracyLeCapitaine_12

2 Responses to Real Weddings: Dani Theeuwen & Brittany Reiter-Theeuwen

  1. Grandma Sandy says:

    They are great pictures. Just love them. Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Jane reiter says:

    What a memerable day!! Hugs and Kisses.. Grandma Jane

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