Real Weddings: Aaron Smith and Phillip Pottratz


Aaron Smith and Phillip Pottratz

Date of Wedding: August 13, 2011
Dating Since: Had dated 3 ½ years

Ceremony and Reception: Private residence in Melrose
Floral: Sadie’s Floral
Photography: Alee Photography

In order to incorporate Aaron’s New York background with Phillip’s Minnesota background, the couple decided to “blend a NYC chic with a Minnesota Nice theme” for their wedding. With classy cocktails and Minnesota comfort food, the day fully embraced the merging of two lives into one. Aaron and Phillip even created a special cocktail–the “PandA”–to commemorate the event. The evening ended in a splash–Aaron and Phillip both jumped into the pool followed by several guests!

7 Responses to Real Weddings: Aaron Smith and Phillip Pottratz

  1. kathy melling says:

    I had the great honor to attend this event. It was truly a beautiful, intimate ceremony followed by a joyous celebration. It was wonderful to see the radiant couple enjoying the day and each other!

  2. Melissa Wenker says:

    This was an absolutely stunning wedding. Everyone was so joyful…wish we could do it again!

  3. Lynn Melling says:

    Absolutely stunning. Just SO disappointed I missed it. Aaron and Phil deserve all the love in the world.

  4. Anna Senrick says:

    This is SO exciting!!! To plan for months and see it all come to life…. and to top it off – here we are being published. Thanks again to all your great vendors who helped me make Phillip and Aaron’s wedding day so special!!!

  5. Marie Muenchow says:

    I was so happy to attend this ceremony. It was a beautiful celebration of two very beautiful people!

  6. From the ceremony, thru cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, this was the best wedding I have ever DJ’d.

    It was epic when the guests all jumped in the pool!!

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