31 Days of Hallowonline: Top Pet Costumes!

By Kathleen Bradbury October 16, 2012

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One of the best things about Halloween is seeing animals in adorable costumes! Nothing makes me smile quite like seeing a pug wearing a knit unicorn hat or a wiener dog dressed as (you guessed it) a hot dog. As fun as dressing up your cat or dog may be, always remember to make sure your pet’s safety and happiness comes before a great photo op. Here are a few of the BEST pet costumes from the world wide web. Be ready to grin like a kid in a candy store!


Harry Potter Costume. Photo courtesy of www.millbryhill.co.uk

Yoda Pug. Photo from www.neatorama.com:

Pumpkin Cat. Photo from www.floppycats.com

Banana Dog. Photo from www.news-record.com

Lobster kitty. Photo from OMGkitty.com

Nyan Cat. From www.thatcutesite.com

Taco Dog. Photo from www.dogtime.com

Hello Kitty cat. Photo from eagcat.wordpress.com.

Unicorn pug. Photo from www.neatorama.com


One Response to 31 Days of Hallowonline: Top Pet Costumes!

  1. Abbe says:

    The Nyan cat is my cat, I made the costume and now Zoey’s pic is allover the internet. I am honored. I have more photos from the photo session too.

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