Ross Sveback – Elevating the Everyday, Episode 42


Episode 42 of Elevating the Everyday with Ross Sveback:

Ross has a special guest today, Holly Herrick, the author of The French Cook: Sauces. Ross and Holly talk about how to write a cookbook, living in Charleston and the southern life, as well as a recipe for an amazing French soup (recipe forthcoming).


Lavender presents this weekly podcast with Lifestyle Expert, Ross Sveback, called “Elevating the Everyday,” something Ross has been helping people do across the nation for years.  Finding the imperfection charming, Ross takes the listeners through various talking points, food topics, and product discussions each week, rounding out each podcast with a Q&A session with questions submitted by listeners and followers over this website, Facebook, and Twitter.  Some episodes might feature guests or include giveaways for fantastic new products–you just never know what might transpire every Wednesday on “Elevating the Everyday.”

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