Walker Pearce: December 18, 1946 – June 7, 2013


Walker Pearce

December 18, 1946 – June 7, 2013 
Fallen Heroine and Soldier for the GLBT Community

Walker quietly and without fanfare fought hard for our community, by donating her time, her largess, and with her unflinching determination to always do what was right and just.

Silently trees cast their shadows;
Night and darkness are near.
The Sun goes down slowly
And the time for peace is here.

I love this time of the day
For now my thoughts are clear.
I now can stop and thank the Lord
For putting me right here.

By Walker Pearce, age 16, Dreher High School, 1962 Literary Yearbook

2 Responses to Walker Pearce: December 18, 1946 – June 7, 2013

  1. Bob Stroozas says:

    Thank you for posting the wonderful tribute to Walker Pearce in your June 27, 2013 magazine on page 12. I have been a close friend to Walker and her husband for over thirty-five (35!) years and her departure is most painful. Not only did those of us who knew her lose a friend but the entire GLBT community did as well. She fought for equality for EVERYONE many years before it was “the thing to do”. She stood up when most people would have walked away–and she reached deep into her purse to support as well. RIP our dear friend! You are sorely missed! –XoXo

  2. Angela Weatherford says:

    Thank you so very much for this article of Walker. She was always a woman who stood tall way before her time.

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