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Another election cycle is in the process of winding down.  It is amazing how the DFL has come to hate the new process of Ranked Voting, which was the darling only a few years ago. It has, someone finally figured out, weakened the DFL party hold on the city of Minneapolis.  The endorsement process has become less important.  Now with this new system there are more options for voters.  Accidents happen, too.  In a truly one-party system with Ranked Voting, the people now have a chance to change the city.  Oh, oh, the machinery is losing control!!!

This process allows for the crazies to come out of the woodwork, too.  Making their claim to fame are a whole bunch of people who are communists, socialists, anarchists, and a whole host of do-gooders whose sole qualifications for office seem to be that they are breathing.  This is America and you do not have to have brains to run, let alone sit in office; sometimes for years at a time.  Let us hope that the voters have enough brains to sort out and rid ourselves of people who are either seeking employment because they are out of a job, or clinging to a position because, well, frankly, they couldn’t hold down a job in the private sector.

The following are the endorsements of Lavender Magazine, in the hope that this city will improve and not continue to edge toward the cliff and think, like a lemming, that we can swim out of sight of land and not drown:

Mayor of Minneapolis:  Mark Andrew. He is the only real candidate with government and private sector experience who has common sense. (Betsy Hodges was one of the major pushers of taking over Excel Energy and have the city be responsible for your energy, a totally ludicrous $5 billion dollar debt position for the city).

Minneapolis City Council Ward 3:  Jacob Frey.  Without a doubt there is great NEED for change in this ward. Jacob Frey’s experience as an attorney will only help his ward and this city.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 5:  Ian Alexander. Ian Alexander is the one person who can help this ward the most and bring new, thoughtful leadership that is very much needed.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 6:  Robert Lilligren. Robert’s twelve-year experience in the city council shows great growth and wisdom in his deliberations.  It is appalling that at the DFL ward convention in April Robert was harassed by Muslim delegates calling him “faggot” openly and loudly.  The Republican Party is not the only party with a religious problem.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 9:  Charles Curtis. Charles Curtis should be the voice to replace that of retiring Gary Schiff.  As an attorney he has the breadth of mind, education, and foresight to think of the future and plan accordingly.

Minneapolis City Council Ward 10:  Meg Tuthill. Meg Tuthill has worked hard for the 10th Ward.  She is the most practical candidate in her ward and she deserves reelection. Her previous 30 years of small business experience is badly needed on the city council.

9 Responses to Election ’13 – WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM?

  1. Kevin Osborn says:

    Hey All-

    As a transgender (who identifies as female) and a panssexual individual, I am deeply disappointed to see an influential LGBTQIA+ magazine make such a mistake in their endorsement for Ward 9. The statement in the article, “communists, socialists, anarchists, and a whole host of do-gooders whose sole qualifications for office seem to be that they are breathing…” is not only a most shallow interpretation (that is an embarrassment to our community), but simply inaccurate.

    I have worked on Ty Moore’s campaign personally for many months. He is a Socialist Alternative, Occupy Homes MN, Green Party, SEIU State Council (representing 30,000 workers in Minnesota) endorsed. Community leaders ranging from Latino, Somali, housing justice, low-wage workers, immigrant rights lawyers, and the list goes on, have chosen to endorse Ty Moore because they know his track record of 18 years fighting for social justice is far more qualifying than the other candidates for Ward 9. He is backed by no big business, but only that of community donations. We raised $46,000, out-fundraising our competition by 3 times over in the last two months.

    Ward 9 desperately needs a *genuine* fighter for marginalized groups. Especially the LGBTQIA+ community. Within the boundaries of ward 9 includes:

    Cafe Southside, a highly known trans* safe space.
    TYSN (Trans* Youth Support Network).
    MTHC (Minnesota Trans* Health Coalition)

    Ward 9 is a hub for the trans* community, and the broader LGBTQIA+. None of these establishments/organizations have made any official endorsement, but as a member of this community, I plea that we put our support behind Ty Moore.

    Socialist Alternative, the organization that initiated the campaign, has worked against the marriage amendment. As well as highly supported and participated in the the CeCe McDonald protests, a crystal clear example of trans* oppression (http://www.socialistalternative.org/news/article18.php?id=1853).

    Stonewall was a huge turning point for our community. It transformed our movement towards liberation. It was our lesson that we must fight back if we wish to change the system. So, please, let us continue that heritage instead of backing more Democratic Party, status-quo nonsense that perpetrates our oppression every day.

    Please visit the website for the campaign before making a decision: http://www.tymoore.org

    Kevin Osborn

  2. Eric says:

    Very poor choice for Ward 10. Meg Tuthill has proven herself to be a crotchety and condescending “leader” that would love nothing more than to see Minneapolis turn into a boring and bland suburban setting. While living in the ward every time I worked with her on my concerns she was rude and acted like my concerns were not valued as a renter and young person. Lisa Bender is a smart, thoughtful leader who I have known for years. She’a pragmatic and has a vision that will carry the city into the 21st century.

  3. Al Giraud-Isaacson says:

    Putting pressure on Xcel energy is ludicrous? No, its smart policy. Betsy’s record on fiscal issues is clear. Look at her work on pension reform. While Mark may be a great candidate he represents Minneapolis of the past. Betsy is my first choice for Mayor. She will keep Minneapolis moving forward.

  4. Amanda Fanten says:

    Mayor: Pressuring Xcel Energy to be more responsive to community needs and environmental issues is not ludicrous at all. And, if we’re going to hawk Betsy for that, why not hawk Mark Andrew for his support of the way-more-ludicrous stadium? As Mark said at the North Minneapolis forum, “Anyone who voted against the stadium voted to kill jobs.” Where’s the fiscal responsibility for taxpayers?

    I’m not sure you have the veritable insight necessary to make judgments on energy policy when you spell it “Excel” Energy. Look, Mark Andrew had a fundraiser full of dirty energy lobbyists, including those fighting for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and mining, oil, gas, and petroleum lobbyists. That’s a fact.

    Don’t forget all the big banking lobbyists and CEOs, including Wells Fargo and Minneapolis-local TCF Bank. There are MANY TCF Bank executives invested in Mark’s candidacy for mayor.

    You also neglected to mention that Mark wasn’t involved and didn’t contribute to Minnesotans United, the group fighting for same-sex marriage, when Betsy made contributions, made phone calls, had house parties, etc. I’m shocked that a Lavender endorsement would neglect to acknowledge this.

    Ward 10: I don’t doubt that Meg has worked hard, but Lisa Bender has strong educational and professional experience in urban planning and transportation policy that Ward 10 hasn’t been getting attention on under Meg’s leadership. Meg has been cold and unreasonable at times, including her drawing a hard line on simple livability issues and her aggression with small businesses, despite her previously owning one. Nobody can say Meg is well-experienced in the role having only been there one cycle.

    Ward 5: Ian Alexander worked to elect Sarah Palin and John McCain. Enough said.

  5. Lee Samelson says:

    I have been to several candidate forums myself and Betsy Hodges never said she was for “taking over Xcel” and jumping straight to a city owned utility. What she was in favor of was doing a thorough study on the costs and feasibility before she decided whether it was a good idea worth implementing and to find out whether the “$5 Billion dollar debt position” was just another scaremongering exaggeration from Xcel like they did with Boulder CO. What a lot of people don’t understand is that MN state statutes 216 B 44-46 requires a city’s residents to vote to authorize formation of a city owned utility before an adequate feasibility study could be done in standing in front of the public utilities commission. But Xcel chose not to let us know that in their media megaphone last summer. Furthermore I have watched Betsy Hodges with my own eyes on the city council when this issue was being debated in regard to the public hearing. Her stated intent in supporting the resolution was to leverage Xcel into being more responsive to community needs and the city’s clean energy goals basically the same as Amanda Fantens post. However Betsy Hodges also came across as diplomatic wanting to be fair to Xcel and let them make their case too. Then shortly after that meeting it was uncovered that Xcel had $320 million in cost overruns from their Monticello plant that they initially hid from the PUC. Minneapolis rate payers will be footing the bill with perpetual rate increases from Xcel because of that. We the rate payers of Minneapolis have no say whether we wanted that $320 million to be invested into community solar instead (which Xcel is sneakily trying to undercut the market for in their PUC case). Yes Xcel is investing in long distance wind energy because it is something they can control and because the state requires them to meet renewable energy goals. We can’t vote with our dollars on whether we are content with Xcel trying to leave open Sherco the among the most outdated and dirtiest coal plants in The state. They are a corporation accountable to their shareholders and the PUC not to Minneapolis. That is why they tried to ramrod high voltage transmission lines down the Midtown Greenway and issued a purposeful sham of a study on the clean energy/ energy efficiency they could have invested those millions of dollars into instead. At least Betsy Hodges will listen to these concerns with an open ear since she is not someone who has taken $6500 from Xcel. Anyway I am both in the Environmental community and the LGBQT community and I want the two movements to help each other and unite against our common enemies. But I wrote so much here because I find it quite distasteful that you would use what is basically a dead issue this election and turn it into a punishing stick against a candidate (the campaign and city council pulled the ballot initiative this year to give Xcel a chance to work with the city) plus tagging on misinformation on top of that and even misspelling he electric companies name which is an indication you came to this assessment without any substantive effort in doing the research like I have for the past several months. in fairness though Mark Andrew has promised me a couple of weeks ago at a candidate forum he will do community solar if he becomes mayor and has a bit more nuanced position on the now-tabled resolution than many people assume. However
    The community solar business people I have met with are supporting Betsy Hodges.

  6. Tom says:

    the next mayor will help negotiate a contract renewal with Xcel Energy. Mark Andrew (owner of GreenMark which consults with Xcel) has a clear conflict of interest. Mark is not a bad candidate but Betsy Hodges is better situated to negotiate a better deal for Minneapolis residents. She is open to using a city take-over of electricity as a bargaining chip to secure lower rates & the use of more renewable energy. Betsy has been a loyal ally of the GLBT community, fiscally-responsible (voting NO to funding the Vikings stadium w/ billions of our tax dollars…as well as renegotiating pension plans to help keep property taxes low)

    I’ll be gladly casting my 1st choice vote for BETSY HODGES

  7. Andy says:

    we don’t have to take over for Xcel – just a legitimate threat to do this will get more concessions out of Xcel. Betsy is open to this but wants to study the details more before deciding to go beyond just a threat to municipalize electricity. If we decide to do it ourselves w/o Xcel, it’s not wasteful spending, it’s an investment – yes there are up-front costs, but we would be buying valuable assets that could save us money in the long run. Lets at least wait for the studies to complete so we can have all of the facts before we automatically dismiss this idea – in the meantime lets use this possibility to get the best possible deal with Xcel so we can get cheaper rates!

  8. Sophie says:

    I have to say, I’m a little disappointed by your endorsement for mayor. It seems to be a misinformed opinion. As other commenters mentioned earlier, Betsy was not explicitly in favor of the city taking over our energy utility, rather, she was in favor of researching the matter, if Minneapolis residents voted to explore the “option.”

    Furthermore, when it came to defeating the marriage amendment, Betsy Hodges actually collaborated with Minnesotans United to connect with voters and raise money to protect the freedom to marry for everyone. Senator Scott Dibble, Representative Karen Clark, and Councilmember Gary Schiff had some words to say about her work:

  9. Tim Bonham says:

    “It has, someone finally figured out, weakened the DFL party”

    All but one of our 20 endorsed DFL candidates won — 95% success rate — and you think that’s weakened?

    The only one of your Lavender-endorsed candidates to win was where you picked the one that was already DFL & Stonewall DFL endorsed.

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