91.2% purchase from a business because it advertises in LAVENDER
84.4% recommend LAVENDER advertisers to others
64.7% consider purchasing from our advertisers even if the price is higher
34.8% of LAVENDER readers make $100,000 or more


59.3% male readers
40.7% female readers
Average age of 48
16.7% have children
56.9% have a pet

Total household income of 5.7 billion
Average household income: $89,996
17.6% of households earn above $150,000

91.3% own a computer
85.6% purchased a major electronic item in the last 12 months
85.1% make online purchases

74.9% own their own home
33.4% own a home valued at $300,000 – $999,999
45.5% of homeowners plan to remodel
76.1% purchased furniture or household appliances in the last 12 months

88.3% have a major credit card
64.6% contribute to an IRA or 401K
56.2% own stocks, bonds or mutual funds

63.8% drink wine
80.7% consume alcoholic beverages at least once per week
Go to bars and clubs an average of 4.34 times per month
Dine out an average of 5.19 times per week

64.8% have one or more degree

66.9% exercise at least twice per week
24.7% smoke cigarettes

Attend a movie an average of 2.93 times per month
Attend a theatre or dance performance an average of 2.79 times per month
80.2% attended a theatre or dance performance in the last 12 months
73.8% attended a concert in the last 12 months
93.4% purchased a CD in the last 12 months
87.9% purchased a DVD in the last 12 months

73.1% spent $500 or more on spa, hair care, and/or massage services in last 12 months
65.4% spent $500 or more on apparel and/or shoes in last 12 months
46.8% purchased jewelry in last 12 months

76.2% made a round-trip flight in last 12 months
31.7% plan to take a cruise in the next 3 years
Duluth is favorite weekend getaway
Palm Springs is favorite winter getaway
Provincetown is favorite summer getaway

85.7% own at least one motor vehicle
12.9% lease at least 1 motor vehicle

Reader statistics are from The Media Audit

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