Ad Requirements

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We can accept files 25MB and under via email. If your files exceed this amount you may send them via Hightail, Dropbox, or another online service. Files that have not been created according to LAVENDER’s Ad Requirements may require you to resubmit new artwork. Artwork that does not fit our requirements may be modified at the discretion of LAVENDER’s Creative Department.

Print Ad Requirements

Ad Specifications
Adobe PDF, InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files must be MAC compatible. We cannot accept Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint files.

Graphics should be in CMYK color with a resolution of 300 dpi. We cannot print Pantone Colors; please convert Pantone Colors to a CMYK equivalent.

We cannot use graphics that have been pulled from a website.

Minimum font size for black text is 6 points, and colored text should be at least 10 points. White text on a colored background should be at least 10 points.

Setting Up Full Page Bleed Ads
First, set up your page size to the trim line (8.375” x 10.875”). Next, bleed your images 1/8” BEYOND the trim line. Then, keep text at least 1/2” in from the trim line. Your final document dimensions with bleed should be 8.625” x 11.125”.

Online Ad Requirements

Ad Specifications
GIF, Animated GIFs, and JPG formats for
Static GIF or JPG formats for Lavender Link newsletter.

Graphics should be in RGB color with a resolution of 72 dpi.

Please ask your Account Representative for our Wallpaper template.

Video ads should be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo at a 300 x 250 size and to their specifications. Once uploaded, please send your Account Representative a link to your video ad and we will do the rest.

Lavender Link: Featured Event
When submitting your artwork please also include the following:
What: Maximum of 10 words
When: Maximum of 10 words
Where: Maximum of 10 words, include website address

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