A Harrowing Portrait of an Abusive Man in “Custody”

A naturally macho man can be a beacon for the wondrous power of positive manhood when he knows his own strength, understands his innate and manifested power, and is self-aware to the point where he automatically […]

An Extraordinary Ensemble Stylizes Shakespeare With Spectral Luminosity – “TITUS” at MN Fringe

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare is one of the goriest plays ever written. It is so horrific with its dismemberment and other depictions of brutality that it borders on being unwatchable—an example of where the […]

Eric Webster’s Evocative Solo Performance – “The Screaming Skull” at MN Fringe

Eric Webster is one of the Twin Cities’ top-notch veteran actors. At the beginning of this decade, he was named Lavender‘s Best Actor in a Musical for Bloomington Civic’s City of Angels and now, as […]

Old Hollywood, Ego and Rugged Crossgender Machismo – “I Never Knock” at MN Fringe

                                  Writer-director John Ervin has a natural affinity for the glamour of Old Hollywood in the era of the […]

Young Writers & Actors Make Us Laugh & Think: Flashlight Zone & Swipe Right at Fringe

One of the great opportunities of the Minnesota Fringe Festival is getting a pulse on where things seem to be going in our culture. Naturally, that means one must go to young artists with a […]

Move Over “Avenue Q” – “Hand to God” at the Jungle is the Real Puppet Masterpiece

In the previous decade, Avenue Q bedazzled Broadway, winning the 2004 Best Musical Tony, with its clever puppets and live cartoon-like scenes. Complex sociopolitical issues were oversimplified, turning theater into a “safe space” for unloading strong […]

“Love, Cecil” – A Sumptuous Documentary About a Gay Aesthete and 20th Century Titan

“I have never been in love with women, and I don’t think I ever shall be in the way that I have been in love with men. I am really a terrible, terrible homosexualist and try […]

A Uniquely Touching Play About Sex Work Turns the Gender Tables – “Summers in Prague ” at MN Fringe

Critics of prostitution, or sex work, as it is more commonly being referred to, have an all-star line-up of reasons for why they claim it is wrong. There are rote theories about power imbalances between […]

Gay Bro + Straight Bro = Comedy Gold in an American La Mancha

Thomas Buan and Chase Adelsman are matched perfectly in Amy Seham’s clever contemporary eco-play about a gay schoolteacher who runs for city council at the urging of his students and spurred on by his enthusiastic straight brother/campaign manager. Their core issue […]

A Groundbreaking Woman – Jeannette Rankin Celebrated on Stage at MN Fringe Fest

Montana Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin was the first woman elected to the US House of Representatives, and to even be elected to U.S. federal office. Before that, she was highly instrumental in women getting the right […]

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