Captivating Catholic Speculations on Shakespeare – Walking Shadow’s “Equivocation”

Equivocation, a play by Bill Cain, speculates that the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to blow up the House of Lords did not actually happen the way history books tell us. At that time, William Shakespeare was […]

Homophobia’s Gravitational Pull – Minnesota Opera’s Stunning “Fellow Travelers”

Minnesota Opera transports us to the mid-20th century on the Cowles Center stage. Gregory Spears’s Fellow Travelers is an opera that uncannily and viscerally captures the Lavender Scare of the 1950s, when over 5,000 federal […]

Flying Sorcery – A Stirringly Mythical “The Minotaur or: Amelia Earhart is Alive and Traveling in the Underworld”

Sheep Theater’s exhilarating production of The Minotaur or: Amelia Earhart is Alive & Traveling Through the Underworld is an example of a great idea becoming a terrific play. Too often, the opposite occurs, where the great […]

5Q: Fellow Travelers

“5Q” is an online-only column featuring five questions about stage productions in the Metro Area. Periodically, “5Q” will take the form of an interview with actors, directors, writers, etc. to shed some light on the […]

A Unique Gay African-American Success Story for Pride Month – “The Gospel According to Andre” at the Lagoon

Kate Novacks has crafted an engaging documentary on fashion editor Andre Leon Talley, the gay African-American mover and shaker who rose from humble North Carolina roots to becoming a global influence. The Gospel According to Andre celebrates […]

Lavender Community Performers and their Colleagues Share Empowering Aspects of their Chanhassen Experience

Some of the lavender artists and friends who have co-created and are co-creating at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres shared their thoughts about their empowering experiences there. Here goes: Actress Alyssa Seifert: “CDT has literally given me my career. They trusted […]

Patrick Scully Comments On His Iconoclastic Cabaret’s Impact

Patrick Scully shared some thoughts on the accomplishments and influence of his renowned Patrick’s Cabaret venues for alternative performance. After 32 years, the anti-institutional institution has folded, but the spirit lives on. He shares how it […]

Queer Cinema Iconoclast Bruce LaBruce Outdoes Even Himself in the Astonishing “The Misandrists”

You’d better watch out when living queer cinema legend Bruce LaBruce makes a movie. He may be getting older chronologically but he sure ain’t mellowing. The Canadian has long ridden the wave of the avant-garde and now he has truly […]

Thomasina Petrus Beguiles as “Lady Day” – A Cautionary Tale at the Jungle

Thomasina Petrus uncannily captures the very sound of Billie Holiday (1915-1959), a singer who looms as one of the jazz world’s most unique, in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill at the Jungle Theater. Playwright […]

A Haunting Biopic on the Wages of Free Love – “Mary Shelley” at St. Anthony Main

We sometimes get caught in a bubble where we think that the Sexual Revolution of the mid-20th century was the Be All, End All of sexual freedom. However, human history contains various eras of sexual liberality in co-existence with punitively restrictive […]

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