2019 Spring Arts and Dining Pairings

Produced by Linda Raines and Chris Tarbox Arts Sections by John Townsend Dining Sections by Bradley Traynor Antigone Park Square Theatre at Andy Boss Thrust Stage, Park Square Theatre Through March 3, 2019 An all-female […]

Marching From A Small Town To The Spotlight

Dancer April Sellers shares her background in dance and the creation of her troupe Patriot Erectors. Growing up in a rural town, April Sellers struggled to find a place where her voice would be heard. […]

A New Dawn, A New Day For Some New Faces To See The Spotlight

New Dawn Theatre Company kicks off a new season with shows that reflect the stories and experiences of youth. If you’re a theater lover, a fan of social justice art, or you’re just in the […]

Singing To The Tune Of Justice

Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus member Kevin Deese talks about his fight for the right of HIV-positive people to serve their country. Growing up in suburban Orlando, Kevin Deese always viewed himself as living in […]

Our Rides: Going Three Wheels in a Vanderhall

Did you know that in some states—Minnesota included—most, if not all three-wheeled vehicles can be registered as motorcycles? Maybe it is because of Polaris’ Slingshot. The Slingshot is a byproduct of Medina-based Polaris’ powersports division […]

A Word In Edgewise: One Great Leap for Mankind

We mortals live our lives bounded by space and time, struggling to gain our fair share of each. But membranes are permeable; actions seep through generations, past affecting present, present altering past. Lauren Lee’s The Great Leap, […]

A Beacon In The Automotive Business

There is a perception of the automotive business that it is male-dominated and heteronormative. However, that perception is changing. More women and GLBT people are now a part of the business. Both segments are growing […]

The Philadelphia Story

A visit to Philadelphia is like a booster shot to counteract what ails our land right now. It’s the City of Brotherly Love (as founder William Penn penned)—and the more of that, the better in […]

From The Editor: No Other Way, No Day But Today

As a former theatre kid and a musical junkie, to this day I always get excited about seeing stage productions. There’s nothing quite like seeing a Broadway musical, a powerful dance performance, or intricate and […]

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