Scoring A Goal For The GLBT Community

Minnesota United soccer player Collin Martin shares his experience of coming out to teammates and fans. The only openly gay active male athlete in Major League Soccer and in any of the major American pro […]

To Serve And Have Pride

In the wake of the 2011 repeal of the Clinton-era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy—wherein openly gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans were banned from serving in the United States military—American society’s views of gay people […]

Apparel As Proud As The Athletes

Paul Rodriguez discusses his passion and pride behind GLBT sportswear company Prideletics. For many people, getting laid off from work can be world-shattering. When Paul Rodriguez was let go from his job at the age […]

Putting The ‘Gay’ In Games

Minnesota athletes win big at this year’s Gay Games in Paris from Aug. 4 through Aug. 12. Every four years, some of the world’s best GLBT athletes come together to compete in the Gay Games […]

Age Is Just The Number On Your Jersey

Dick Anderson brings sports to seniors with Minnesota Senior Sports Association. Anyone can be an athlete. That’s the sentiment that Minnesota Senior Sports Association has used to build the organization that has been putting seniors […]

GLBT Sports Directory 2018/2019

Produced by Linda Raines The Twin Cities area is home to a remarkable number of athletes who identify as members of the GLBT community. The sports range from soccer to basketball to Quidditch, and the […]

Leather Life: MSDB Celebrates 20 Years

Minnesota Stocks, Debentures and Bonds (MSDB), a pansexual kink organization based in the Twin Cities, recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. At a panel discussion held Sept. 4, 2018, at The Lab, the group’s monthly educational presentation, some of […]

A Day In The Life: Jessy Oldham (a.k.a. Mad. M. Moxie)

Name: Jessy Oldham, Mad. M. Moxie Where did you grow up? Lake City, MN, though I was a foster child who bounced around a bunch. Where do you live? I now live in Minneapolis. Who […]

From The Editor: A Touchdown For The Rainbow Community

I’m going to be completely honest here: I’m not the pinnacle of athletic skill. Although I played football and softball as a kid, I was—how can I phrase this?—not good at it. As such, sports […]

A Word In Edgewise: Sports and Activity—Goals Yet Unattained

I have friends that hike, that ski, scuba. They trek and cycle in foreign lands through wet and cold and sun and rain. I applaud them, I admire them, but I neither envy, nor seek to surpass […]

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