Golden Valley’s Golden Birthday

On Sept. 15, Golden Valley will be celebrating its 15th Annual Arts and Music Festival. If you’re a fan of art, music, food trucks, parades, or just a good time, Golden Valley will be the […]

From The Editor: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

As we prepare for the summer heat to subside and for the unmistakable chill of the fall and winter seasons to embrace us, we can take consolation in the fact that Broadway season is upon […]

A Word In Edgewise: Good Neighbor Fred

I was much older than the target audience for the TV show which, after a start in 1963 and some re-brandings, made its U.S. debut February 19, 1968 as Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Most of the bits and […]

Remember The Alamo Drafthouse

As a lifelong lover of cinema, I remain steadfast in my belief that a motion picture deserves to be seen—at least at first—in the comforting confines of a movie theater. You can watch a flick […]

Skirting the Issues: Magic Number

Warning: you’ll probably want to file this under “TMI.” I’m going to talk about sex, or more precisely, my lack of it. Woe is me. Several years ago, I met a vibrant young woman—I’ll call […]

2018 Fall Arts & Dining Pairings

Produced by Linda Raines and Chris Tarbox Arts Content by John Townsend Dining Content by Bradley Traynor Hamilton Hennepin Theatre Trust at Orpheum Theatre Aug. 29-Oct. 7, 2018 Alexander Hamilton was a top aide to […]

HUMP! In All Shapes, Sizes, and Sexualities

Dan Savage’s 13th Annual HUMP! Film Festival comes to Minneapolis Sept. 13-15. Everybody’s sexy. That’s what Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival truly believes and represents with its 13th annual amateur porn festival. Featuring dirty movies […]

A Day In The Life: Jim Halvorson

Name: Jim Halvorson Where did you grow up? I grew up out in the country showing horses and cows in Buffalo, MN. Where do you live? I just bought my first home in Northeast Minneapolis! I’m finally “home” […]

Ride Review: 2019 MINI Convertible

We can safely establish that MINI is more than just the iconic two-door car that looks like the original from back in 1959. In the past couple of years, Lavender Magazine brought you two variations […]

Books: 607

Black Diamond Fall Joseph Olshan Polis Books $26; eBook $7.99 Olshan, author of Clara’s Heart, combines two actual events occurring at Vermont’s Middlebury College—the disappearance of a student during winter break, and the vandalizing of poet Robert […]

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