Drink The Menu: Seven Breweries In Seven Days 2019

A year ago, for Lavender‘s 2018 Dine & Drink Issue, your friendly neighborhood managing editor decided to set out to find a week’s worth of Twin Cities breweries for you, our fine readers, to discover and […]

Dining Out For Life: 2018

There aren’t many pleasures sweeter than heading out for a lovely meal and drink with those you love. But even sweeter than that is dining out for a worthy cause. An annual fundraising event, Dining […]

Drink The Menu: Seven Breweries In Seven Days

When it comes to ice-cold libations, I generally tend to be a man of moderation, saving those frosty pints of fermented joy for special occasions and outings with my social circle. So when the time […]

Ride Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

One of our favorite vehicles is still going strong. It first appeared here as a 2011 model. Since then, we had plenty of them to go around. It has evolved since with new front ends, […]

Books: 597

Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity C. Riley Snorton UMN Press $24.95 Snorton’s divisions of Black on Both Sides, “Blacken,” “Transit,” and “Blackout,” should alert the reader that this book is not simply […]

Skirting the Issues: Two Humans

In the last couple weeks, I’ve had two conversations that have impacted me greatly. In each instance, the person I spoke with was a black man. One conversation followed a talk I gave at a […]

Dateland: Women I Don’t Like, Vol. 2

I’m Facebook friends with my archenemy. Several years ago, when I learned she was leaving the company we worked for, I broke out in a jig in my office. And I don’t even know how […]

A Word In Edgewise: Going Home Again. And Again.

Like wine pairings, a theater’s juxtaposition of plays presented can enhance enjoyment and understanding of both works. Here, I look at what the Guthrie Theater has on stage. Familiar (through April 14) was written by Danai […]

Arts Spotlight: 597

The Bassett Table Through April 22 Dreamland Arts, 677 Hamline Ave. N, St. Paul 651-645-5506 www.dreamlandarts.org Susanna Centlivre was the major female English playwright of her time. She ascended after Aphra Behn had held that […]

A Day In The Life: Sarah Aune

  Name: Sarah Aune Age: 33 Where did you grow up? Plymouth, MN. Where do you live? South Minneapolis. Who do you live with? My lady friend, Cady; our dog, Kiki; and cat, Adelle. What is your occupation? Service operations manager […]

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