Seize the Opportunity

As a leader in LGBTQ health in the Twin Cities, Rainbow Health Initiative is giving the Twin Cities a platform to learn more about LGBTQ health disparities, policy, system, and environmental proposals to improve climate […]

The Spectrum of Skin and Sex

We all have to live with skin conditions. Whether it be oily skin, acne, or something more persistent like psoriasis, pesky skin conditions affect everyone’s life in some way or another. However, the skin conditions […]

Maintenance of the Mind

How mental health affects seniors, and what they can do to maintain a healthy mind. Along with the mounds and mounds of grayish, slushy snow, Minnesota winters can sometimes bring about seasonal depression or an […]

From the Editor: Health or High Water

Very recently, I decided to take charge of my life—albeit for the ninth or tenth time—and up my fitness game. Tired of being able to relax and eat delicious food and be all around not […]

Romantic Dining At Home

The best gifts are always the ones made by hand. There is nothing better or more romantic than pulling together a dinner made from scratch. We reached out to some of our favorite gay tastemakers […]

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