From the Editor: Silver & Gold

We’ve got only a few of issues left in 2017: this Holiday Gift Guide, the Year End Issue with Lavender Community Awards, and the Pride Pages Directory. Two with editorial content and then the last […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Entertainment

When we think of finding a gift for someone it tends to be a tangible object that can be felt and/or used. However, there are other gifts that create memories and visceral experiences that are […]

A Word In Edgewise: Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Stars

It took a hundred years for technology to prove Einstein’s prediction of the existence of magnetic waves. Now, centuries after alchemists labored to create gold from base metals, after scientists determined that gold itself was […]

Holiday Gift Guide: ‘Wood’ You Look At That

Unique Gift Ideas Made of Wood Instead of giving an “okay” gift this holiday season, give them something “oak-y.” Alright, the puns are done. These Minnesota- and Wisconsin-based businesses are creating or sourcing special gifts […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Children and Family

I remember the excitement I used to get during the holidays. As a kid, this was the most important time of the year. I would spend hours flipping through the latest toy catalogs, bookmarking nearly […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Food & Fun

When I’m shopping for gifts, I use the lists that have been supplied because I come from a very efficient people. We tell you want we want, we get things for each other that we […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Pets

There’s always at least one person on our shopping lists that makes our heads spin. What do I get them? What do they like? Do they already have this? These are some questions that you […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Ride Review

This year, I had the privilege of seeing a lot of products that would be useful for any vehicle owner. If you like to do things yourself, these gift items are just for you… 1. […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Travel

We’ve all been there. The shake weights. The toilet seat with a nightlight. The t-shirt that says, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look.” Coming up with innovative Christmas presents when you’ve been […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry

I’m one of those people who is allergic to metal, particularly costume jewelry, so when I get the precious stuff for myself or as a gift, it automatically becomes something I treasure. I cherish my […]

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