Upwardly Mobile

Welcome to the home of Mardi Gras, held in Louisiana’s capitol city. No, not that town. Borders and rulers have changed, and Mobile now belongs to Alabama. Founded by French settlers in 1702, a year […]

Just the tips, please…

Small spaces? No problem. Here are a couple products to help with that, design tips courtesy of Michelle Havens, Environment Director at Habitation Furnishing + Design. 1. Double Up: Limited rooms? Carve out an office, using a […]

Quick Q&A with Miss Richfield 1981 in Ptown

By Mike Marcotte While in Provincetown, make sure to strap on your favorite Walgreens brand nylons, stir up a hot cup of Sanka coffee, and see one of Minnesota’s most famous beauty queens take the […]

On the Cover: Mike Marcotte

Over the past few years, we’ve had entertainers and personalities on the cover, both familiar and celebrity faces. This cover is featuring a local community member, a writer and producer, someone who’s often behind the […]

Books: 575

The Sacred Era Yoshio Aramaki University of Minnesota Press $22.95 A tale that includes a past history of a parched and barren Earth might seem an obvious trope for today, but the author of The […]

Love Is About Everyone: Celebrity Love Architect Launches New Division

By Haley Steinhardt If you’ve watched reality TV in the last several years, you may already know Kailen Rosenberg. This passionate, highly acclaimed Celebrity Love Architect worked with Oprah to transform the love lives of […]

Eat the Menu: Mercy

“Wait, did Marin close? That’s the restaurant downtown inside the Chambers Hotel, right? Isn’t something else there now? Oh, you’re going to Mercy for dinner tonight? Where is that again?” It can be hard to […]

Summer Home Trends with Galleria Edina

By Rachel Oelke Home is where you hang your hat, so make sure that stylish sunhat has a chic home to match with fresh summer updates. The Galleria Edina home stores are here to help […]

Buy With Your Eyes

Picking the right ring can be as challenging as it is exciting; it isn’t every day you find a diamond as unique as the one you’re about to say “I do” to. Wedding Day Diamonds […]

A Many-Splendored Thing: The Bisexual Organizing Project Tries to Take the ‘Bi’ Out of ‘Bisexual’

Love is a many-splendored thing, according to poets and pundits aplenty, something members of a community composed of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and others, know very well. But one of those sub-splendors is […]

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