A Mile in My Pool

The pool is an odd concept. A giant hole in the ground filled with water used for recreational swimming? Sounds pretty weird to me. The first pool “Great Bath,” built in modern-day Pakistan, is believed […]

The Elements of Outdoor Living

By Bonnie Hancock Look no further than your backyard for the perfect getaway. Thoughtful, creative designs for outdoor living can transport you to a relaxed state right after rush hour every day. In addition to […]

“The Old Mill Stream”

Abiitan Mill City Turns Aging into Freeflowing Luxury As the current millennium dawned, Minneapolis’s Mill District underwent a radical renaissance. For decades it had lain more or less dormant after decades as the world’s largest […]

Arts Spotlight: 573

The Bluest Eye Through May 21 Guthrie Theater, 818 S 2nd St., Minneapolis 612-377-2224 www.guthrietheater.org The Guthrie has staged a shattering production of The Bluest Eye from the Toni Morrison novel, adapted for stage by Lydia […]

Ride Review: 2017 Volvo V60 Cross Country

What do we actually prefer for our year-round carry-all-mobile: an SUV or a wagon? Today’s marketplace still favors the SUV. They offer more room, have enough ground clearance for year-round adventures, and can seat four […]

Skirting the Issues: Losing People

“There is no such thing as a Human Owner’s Manual.” I say those words at the start of every talk or training that I give. I do so because it’s true: we have no big […]

Books: 573

Amatka Karin Tidbeck Vintage Books Original $15.95 Swedish author Tidbeck has created a not-too-unbelievable, yet fantastic, dystopian novel, beginning simply before spiraling down into darkness. Vanja, an “information assistant” from Essere, is sent to Amatka, […]

From the Editor: Shelter from the Storm

My favorite song by Bob Dylan, this issue reminds me that when we highlight some of the finer things in homes and gardens, it’s also good to balance things by talking about giving “Shelter from […]

Dateland: Monkey See, Monkey Do

It’s late at night and my spouse is on the phone screaming at her brother about politics while I’m watching a video of a monkey getting a haircut. Because that’s what this country has come […]

A Day In The Life: Robyn Dochterman

Name: Robyn Dochterman Age: 54 Where did you grow up? Near Mt. Vernon, Iowa (east central part [aka not the flat part of Iowa]). Where do you live? For the last dozen years, I’ve lived […]

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