Eat the Menu: Romantic Valentine’s Dinners

Where should we go? What are you in the mood for? What about that one place? Are they still open? Do they even take reservations? Do you think they’ll have anything available? Did we wait […]

Pop a Bottle: How to Unleash Your Inner Sommelier

Wine. We drink it, we bond over it, we bring it to parties, we sip it alone after a long day. We don’t need science to tell us a well-chilled glass of good Champagne is a […]

Arts Spotlight: 565

A View From The Bridge Through Feb. 5 Theatre in the Round Players, 245 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis 612-333-3010 Arthur Miller looms as one of the classic American playwrights. His socio-political consciousness infuses every play […]

Interview with Roxanne Anderson, Honored Trans and Racial Justice Activist on Trump, Bathroom Policy, and the Lavender Community

You know Roxanne Anderson as last year’s Grand Marshal for Twin Cities Pride. That honor signified a culmination of an activist life for queer and racial justice. Known for steering work groups on trans inclusion […]

At-Large: Baby’s First Buzz

Toward the end of the show, after a laser-fast costume change, we would run to wait behind the curtain at center stage. On a musical cue, the drapes would open and a small circular spotlight […]

Dateland: Safe Harbor

Driving home with my dogs in a blizzard a few weeks ago, my car was sideswiped by a semi. As my car spun out of control and crossed all lanes of traffic in a mad […]

Leather Life: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Before 2016 recedes too far in the rearview mirror, here are a few noteworthy leather happenings from the last months of last year. Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2017: Eric “Pup Omega” Stafford gained the Mr. Minneapolis […]

Skirting The Issues: Blank Slate

I sit writing this on the day of my 60th birthday. God. I never thought I’d ever be this old. Coincidentally, I’m also two days away from leaving my position as the executive director of […]

Ride Review: 2017 Volvo S90

There is something about a luxury sedan. The elegance is above par compared to mere sedans of the same size and heft. The styling is a cut above what is seen out on the roads. […]

A Word In Edgewise: They’ve All Got Little Lists

After two centuries of sequestration, Japan reopened its doors in the 1850s. In 1872, Japonisme (influence of Japanese art and aesthetics) entered the vocabulary of many European artists, and ukiyo-e prints were popularized: Van Gogh […]

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