Adoption Options: Finding the Right Fit for Families and Children

What is a family? The answer may seem simple, but for many people in the GLBT community, the definition of family extends beyond blood-relatives who share a dwelling space. It’s common to hear of chosen […]

The Ugly Truth: The Sexual Exploitation of Our Youth

“My first time on the streets, I was approached at a bus stop. The pimp was nice, buying me things and letting me stay with him. He had a lot of girls coming and going. […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Eating with kids is a careful tightrope walk of balancing (reasonably) healthy food with efficiency in service and a flexibility for those who play out the politics of their plates like a last war stand. […]

From the Editor: Stepping In, Stepping Up

I observed my five-year anniversary with Lavender the day the last issue came out. I didn’t write for that issue, and it gave me time to reflect on all the topics we’ve covered over those […]

Arts Spotlight: 551

Leaving Vogue Moran Vogue Moran was the name cisgender male, Wayne Mahon, gave himself when he began exploring sex and intimacy with transgender people. Hopefully, this groundbreaking documentary won’t be blacklisted by those who object […]

Dateland: Putting On the Brakes

Nonsense. It dominates my life. It lumbers across my personal galaxy like a bulky, brutish planet, eclipsing meaning and shoving insight into a black hole. It distracts me. Makes me miss important moments. It causes […]

Skirting the Issues: Pulse Orlando

Pulse Orlando. Words which, borrowing a phrase, will live in infamy within the GLBT community. How I hate writing that too. By the time you read this piece, almost a month will have passed from […]

A Word In Edgewise: It’s Not Going to Stop. So?

My thoughts have been swirling since Orlando, but I’ve come to one conclusion: Hatred is not going to stop. Not toward blacks, women, Jews, other religions and cultures; and not toward gays, lesbians, and transgender […]

Books: 551

Boy Erased: A Memoir Garrard Conley Riverhead Books $27 Conley’s memoir is a harrowing narration of the devastating effects ex-gay therapy had on his and his parents’ lives in the Missionary Baptist community into which […]

Letters to the Editor: 551

Your editorial “A Coward Strikes Again” [Lavender #550, June 23-July 6, 2016], is shocking and deeply disappointing. To label the actions of a man who “joined” ISIS via cellphone as the police were closing in […]

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