Ride Review: 2016 Infiniti QX50

When you miss the mark, you get another chance to redeem yourself. This is the story of the 2016 Infiniti QX50 in a nutshell. It really is a solid offering for Infiniti, yet it has […]

Walking with the Prime Timers

The research regarding the benefits of health and fitness is undeniable. We all know the cost of unhealthy living. Older folks, including GLBT folks, didn’t grow up with health and fitness as a priority in their […]

The Road to Nashville: Rugby’s Bingham Cup

Mark Bingham was a fantastic role model, not only for the gay community, but for anyone who searches for acceptance and finds it in an unexpected place. Bingham’s search for acceptance led him to the […]

Arts Spotlight: 546

Who Has Eyes to See Through May 7 Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church, 403 SE 8th Ave., Minneapolis 800-838-3006 www.brownpapertickets.com Shannon T.L. Kearns has been channeling trans experience into dramatic form in a way that sure […]

Hitting It Out of the Park: North Star Classic

Photos by Larry Barthel, Triquetra Productions If you ask tournament director Josh Hausmann, there are two things that separate the North Star Classic from other gay tournaments: the amazing partnership from the bars and the […]

Food & Dining: How To Harbor View

Destination dining. Will travel for food. Just give me a reason and I’m in the car, on my way. When the cold is over and ice is gone, I’m often aiming my car toward the […]

A Word in Edgewise: Merely A Matter of Degree?

I chat weekly with an old grade-school, high-school, life friend out on the west coast. Over the years we’ve solved many of the world’s problems in our conversations. Recently, out of the blue, she announced: “The two […]

Playing for The Other Team: Dear Abby

Dear Abby, Why didn’t you take an Uber? Sincerely, Disappointed Fans Everywhere Another week, another celebrity athlete DUI. Another red-eyed mugshot. Another fallen idol. Only this time it was one of our own. One of […]

From the Editor: The Fallacy of Privacy and the Securing of Safety

In a magazine dedicated to talking about Sports & Fitness, I find myself at a loss to not recoil at the thought of participating in an organized sport or working out at a gym. Athletics […]

At-Large: Motivation & the Gym

For some of my friends who don’t attend the gym, it feels to them to be a blaring moniker of vanity. While the gym itself is not a vain construction, people’s declaration of their health […]

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