A Word In Edgewise: A Picture is Worth…

Fifty-two years ago, I found it one of the most hateful, enraging, and sad images I’d ever seen. I’ve viewed hundreds, no thousands, of photographs, many bloodier and more ghastly as far as the explicit content, but […]

Dateland: She Swiped Right (Finally)

It’s a sunny Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the kitchen with my girlfriend’s brother who is showing me the dating app Tinder. He’s straight and single, and he’s an enthusiastic proponent of online dating. […]

REVL Offers a New Model for Car Sharing in Minneapolis

Car Sharing is not just for those of us living in urban areas. In the Twin Cities, the success of car sharing programs, such as car2go, HourCar, and ZipCar, made a case for city residents […]

A Word In Edgewise: Different Ways of Looking at Things

It took a hundred years to prove, but Albert Einstein was right. Gravity does make waves, and the fabric of space-time does alter. Einstein calculated, as part of his General Theory of Relativity, that gravitational […]

“Gotta Go” to The 2016 Twin Cities Auto Show

“Gotta go to the Auto Show!” It is a familiar jingle that welcomes us to the Minneapolis Convention Center every March. It is on our radios, televisions, on the side of buses…everywhere. It is our […]

Alan Cumming: Living on the Cutting Edge

Alan Cumming is a Scotsman who has achieved stardom in the U.S. and abroad. He doesn’t play it safe with the roles he chooses and he lives his life on the cutting edge. Cumming won a Tony Award for Cabaret and has been […]

Ride Review: 2016 Honda Civic

There were many headlines that came from this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Some of those headlines almost did not get covered. The day before curtailed a lot of travel plans for […]

Arts Spotlight: 542

Richard III Through March 6 Theatre in the Round, 245 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis 612-333-3010 www.theatreintheround.org Over the past several months we’ve seen a strong interest in William Shakespeare’s plays about England’s royal history. 10,000 Things […]

Eat the Menu: Upton 43

Imagine any of the finest, forward-­thinking restaurants in Stockholm picked up and plopped down in the heart of Linden Hills. Now, let loose a creative Minnesota genius with serious Scandinavian roots inside said restaurant. The […]

Dateland: Another Valentine’s Day Massacre

I’m writing this the day after Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, like all before it, was (on the surface, at least) a disaster. I won’t go into past Valentine’s Day fails. They’ve been well documented […]

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