2015 Fall Arts & Dining Pairings

Theatre Previews by John Townsend Restaurant Pairings by Joy Summers Produced by Andy Lien, Shane Lueck, Linda Raines, and Mike Hnida Akeelah and the Bee Children’s Theatre Company www.childrenstheatre.org Through October 11, 2015 This endearing story […]

The Kinsey Sicks

If you don’t know the girls of The Kinsey Sicks, you should. And really, why don’t you know our cover girls? For over 20 years, “America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet” has been dishing up their […]

Ride Review: 2015 Nissan Murano

We love those who win awards. That is why we watch the Academy Awards…and the Tony Awards too! How many award ceremonies have you been to when the excitement hits of the announcement of who […]

Skirting the Issues: Privilege vs. Perspective

In the spring of 2008, while still presenting as male, I walked into The Town House Bar in St. Paul for the very first time. Internet searching had suggested that an older, well-connected, and likable […]

A Word In Edgewise: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Sometimes a single incident neatly defines a “What’s wrong with this picture?” quiz. Such a one occurred recently in Lincoln County, North Carolina, when an inclusive ecumenical event instead exploded like a trick cigar. It […]

Dateland: My Divorce

A few days after same-sex marriage became legal nationwide, I got divorced. Or, at least, I tried to get divorced. Turns out divorce isn’t nearly as easy as getting married. Or, in my case, civil […]

Leather Life: Prime-Time Puppy Play

Also: Titans Celebrate Third Anniversary Your humble columnist has written previously about kink coming out of the shadows and into the mainstream. This mainstreaming process has reached the point where, for some time, kink has […]

Through These Eyes: Gen Hyper-Selfie

Coca-Cola was an everyday thing and we ate McDonald’s twice a week. We hadn’t heard of gluten and didn’t eat organic; we weren’t green; we weren’t medicated. We fought child-killer Freddy Krueger in video games […]

Books: 529

The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster Scott Wilbanks Sourcebooks Landmark $14.99 Blood will tell. But what will it say? There’s blood aplenty here, spilled in anger and illness, running in bloodlines — forward and back, […]

Fashion: EMILY TREVOR: From Parrots & Popsicles

While most fashion designers are rarely known for their sense of humor, Emily Trevor is effortlessly hilarious. Much side-eye was given to Trevor’s strange faces and accents, exhibited from our table during a Nicollet Mall […]

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