Knot Easy: How to Wear a Bow Tie with Style

As undergrads at the University of Minnesota, Brad Wellman and Matt Brunnette shared a sense of style, both having a passion for menswear and dressing well, even being unofficial style advisers to friends during their college days. […]

Leather Life: “A Taste of Kink” for Sexual Health Professionals

“A Taste of Kink”, an evening of interactive kink demonstrations and discussions, recently allowed over 100 sexual health professionals from across the country to see, and perhaps experience firsthand, the dynamics and feelings associated with […]

A Word In Edgewise: Synecdoche/Metonymy — More Than Figures of Speech

“Synecdoche,” according to Wikipedia, is “a rhetorical trope similar to metonymy — a figure of speech in which a term that denotes one thing is used to refer to a related thing.” Something, basically, that […]

Wedding Style, The Minnesota Fashion Awards Way

Spring wedding season may be behind us, but beware: fall weddings still lurk on the horizon. Styling yourself as a member of the wedding party is relatively easy: just follow what the happy couple suggest you […]

Adding Style to Weddings with Enticing Entertainment

“Ever since I was a little kid I always liked throwing a great party,” Justen Pohl says. As the founder and director of Enticing Entertainment, Pohl certainly knows how to throw a party. Whether you’re […]

Style Evolution: Wedding Jewelry

Timeless or trendy? Classic or unique? The questions that every couple faces when choosing their wedding bands are the same kinds of questions that designers must answer for themselves when they’re creating the pieces. Both […]

Bear With Me (While I Tell You About…): 527

Fargo-Moorhead Pride August 13–16 Various Fargo-Moorhead locations The Upper Midwest Pride season continues with the 15th anniversary of Fargo-Moorhead Pride. The event draws crowds from throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Canada, making it one […]

Arts Spotlight: 527

The Music Man Through Aug. 30 Guthrie Theater, 818 S. 2nd St., Mpls. 612-377-2224 A way in which older men trapped in angrily rigid behaviors can squelch the human spirit is one of the […]

From the Editor: Wedding Style: No Holds Barred

I was working from home yesterday and decided my dress code would be a flouncy floor-length dress with a blush liner and white georgette overlay. I threw my hair up in a top knot, skipped […]

Through These Eyes: Salting Wounds into Demons

No one could see him but me. I was six years old when he chased me. The goblin was a tall, disgusting, angry thing: taller than my father, more pungent than a sock, with gnarly […]

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