Why Wayzata?

What do you picture when you hear the name “Wayzata”? The jewel of Lake Minnetonka. Lakeside village. City with a small-town feel. The city fosters different images for different people. According to the city’s chamber […]

Arts Spotlight: 522

CABARAVE: #sexuality Thurs., Fri., Sat. evenings in June Lab Theater, 700 N. 1st St., Mpls. www.thelabtheater.org The Lab continues to be an “in” place for entertainment that’s classy, sexy, and unique. RatHaus Productions’ CABARAVE: #sexuality can be seen […]

Eat the Menu: 6Smith

You’re in luck. I found your favorite new lakeside getaway for the summer. And you won’t have to drive deep into the hinterlandia to get there, either. It’s a quick hop on and off the […]

Love & Marriage & Then Some…

by Kelly Frankenberg First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…well, you know the rhyme. But those things can come in any order they choose — or we choose — nowadays. And with same-sex marriage, […]

From the Editor: More Than Just a Number

I’m not a huge fan of math, but when I was talking about drag queens the other day, I pulled out the issue that had our dear Wanda Wisdom on the cover with some sailors […]

A Word In Edgewise: Some Things Don’t Bear Repeating

Some things should never arise in the first place, and, having seen the light of day, should be quashed as they resurface. Take Texas Representative Matt Schaefer’s (R – Tyler) recent amendment. Schaefer’s amendment made […]

2015 Summer Queer Music Preview

Twin Cities queer music fans have long been making the Queer Music Consortium a success. The Consortium, made up of 5 individual GLBT music organizations in the metro area, traditionally performs the first Monday in […]

Summer What To Do

Minnesotans have no lack of desire to do things in the summer, that’s for sure. For the few warm months we have, we want to get outside and enjoy it. Whether you want to join […]

Rainbow Resources: 522

Chana Rothman, Rainbow Train Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Chana Rothman was unsure what to do when her son, a toddler, asked to wear a dress to school. She searched for children’s music rooted in messages of gender freedom to engage […]

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