From Minnesota, With Love: The Dress

The dress. A nondescript noun has come to stand for so much.”Have you found the dress?””Let me see the dress!” They even made it into a television show with multiple spin-offs: Say Yes to the Dress. And I’m […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Drinks

The idea of hiring a bartender of name for a wedding might be new to Minnesotans. We’re a humble sort, so naming a drink slinger and branding your big day’s booze might not be at […]

From Minnesota, With Love: Minnesota Weddings with The Minnesota Spoon

By Jonathon Wipfli As a chef in Minnesota, I try to make the most of the short growing season we have by using what’s in season and what I can hunt and gather from our […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Cake

The Cake “Avant-garde Ruffles,” shown here, is a classic white cake filled with raspberries and homemade chocolate mousse, finished with a light coating of real buttercream and rolled fondant icing. Taste of Scandinavia Bakery has […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Suit

Your wedding day should be the day that you feel most like yourself. Or, at least that’s how DanMichael Batista sees it. With his company, Dapper Dan Michael, Batista works to create custom looks for […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Venue

Each wedding begins with a vision. Some people have a whole vision scrapbook put together, others have a Pinterest board. No matter what pieces are included in your vision, you’re well-aware that the venue sets […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Florals

The Florals At Flora Bella they adore the charm and seasonality of each bloom and crave natural elements such as scented herbs, delicate ferns, trailing vines, moss, feathers, and fruit. The floral designers revel in the […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Credits

The Dress: The Drinks: The Food: The Suit: The Venue: The Cake: The Floral:   The Producers Andy Lien Shane Lueck The Photography Matt Lien Photography The Dress Anne McNulty & Carmen Duerr […]

Lavender Love: Molly and Ania Nadybska

“A Polish girl and an Iowan farm girl walk into a movie…” What may sound like the start of a bad joke is actually how Molly and Ania’s love story begins. Ten years ago, Molly […]

Belize: A Honeymoon Hotspot

By the time our honeymoon rolled around, we were more than ready to switch our snow boots for sandals. Even though we got married in August, we had to delay our honeymoon until winter, which […]

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