Stephen Rhodes: Out Racing For Equality

With the increasing number of athletes coming out (especially in the past year) you might not have seen this one coming. Stephen Rhodes came out as he was trying to get back into NASCAR’s Camping […]

On The Record: Road Trip!

The right mix for the road is an essential part to any trip. If you have to spend hours on end in a car crossing the byways of America, it’s important to have the right […]

Arts Spotlight: 517

Civil War Homecoming Mar. 28 Fitzgerald Theater, 10 E. Exchange St., St. Paul 150 years ago, this year, the Civil War was winding down. Emancipation and abolition had been realized and Lincoln’s assassination would happen in April. To mark the closing […]

Eat the Menu: Sassy Spoon

If I told you we were going to a gluten free restaurant for dinner tonight, you’d probably panic. Or roll your eyes. Those two little words easily incite visions of tasteless, unsatisfying cardboard- like foodstuffs. […]

Ride Review: 2015 Maserati Quattroporte

It is true what they say about a Maserati. The echo from the exhaust tells a story that is 100 years old. From the first championship racing cars to some of the most alluring road […]

From the Editor: My Chariot Awaits

I’ve been driving for 21 years. I felt another grey hair sprout as I typed that. In my advanced years, I’ve figured out what I like and need in the vehicle I drive. What I […]

Identity & the Iron Horse

Kathie: Where are you going when you leave here? Don’t you know? Johnny: [scoffing] Oh man, we just gonna go. Kathie: Just trying to make conversation. It means nothing to me. Johnny: Well, on the weekends, we go […]

Through These Eyes: Sex Was Sweaty

Remember when you whispered in his ear and kissed his neck, when you ran your finger down his chest and over his stomach and… When you kissed until you couldn’t taste, made love until it […]

Our Rides, Our Lives: A Brief History of Our Community’s Relationship with The Automobile

The rioters at the Stonewall Inn in the West Village grew tired of the police and their tactics that night. The New York Police Department were paid protection money by establishments catering to GLBT patrons […]

Creating Space: Upper Midwest QIPOC Conference 2015

Marginalized identities lack the space to share their stories. Combine multiple marginalized identities and that space grows even smaller. Jason Jackson and Xay Yang, co-chairs of the Upper Midwest Queer Indigenous and People of Color (QIPOC) […]

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