Through These Eyes: Your Friend, The Comic Relief

I ran as fast as I could, off the bus, into the streets, into the rain, toward him. I ran through puddles, so many puddles, each deeper than the last. And with the rain came […]

Abandoning Ship: Sugar & Spice & No More Lice

The itching. The combing. The sterilizing. Getting rid of lice is never fun, and getting them to abandon ship is a daunting task. Lice are the stuff of teachers’ nightmares. So imagine the horror Jennifer […]

Money: Kids and Taxes

By Mike Cassidy Tax professionals often joke that when folks have a child, they are bringing a new tax deduction into the world. Just today, my husband told me a friend at work just had […]

Arts Spotlight: 514

African America Feb.7-9 Mixed Blood Theatre, 1501 S. 4th St., Mpls. (612) 338-6131 Minnesota has been a major magnet for displaced people and immigrants since the 19th century. In recent years, African people, displaced […]

Money: A Tough Pill to Swallow

By Francis Ehrsam Pat* has been getting looks on the bus lately. The layers of latticed white gauze circling his head from forehead to crest resemble a rounded prayer cap. A rainbow collection of braided wires, […]

A Word In Edgewise: “Tout Est Pardonné” “All Is Forgiven”

The cartoonists murdered at Charlie Hebdo weren’t sophomoric kids, or, if sophomoric, they were Sophomores Emeriti; Georges Wolinski, 80, had drawn cartoons since the 1960s; Cabu (Jean Cabut), 76, the magazine’s lead cartoonist; Honor? (Philippe […]

Rainbow Resources: Reclaim’s Second Annual Brunch

With a mission to increase access to mental and integrative health support for GLBTQ youth, Reclaim is working toward the youths’ freedom from oppression in all its forms. Reclaim partners with all youth ages 13 – […]

Barometer: Twin Cities Leather Weekend Offers Cornucopia of Events

HEAD Twin Cities Leather Weekend Offers Cornucopia of Events Over Presidents Day Weekend, February 13-15, the annual Twin Cities Leather Weekend promises to be a gala celebration for the kink/leather community. All events take place […]

Eat the Menu: Pilgrimage Cafe

A little bit of the United Nations has moved into the old Citizen Cafe in south Minneapolis. The newly opened Pilgrimage Cafe boasts an intimate space with an ambitious menu. Every continent, save Antarctica, is […]

Struck By OkCupid’s Arrow

With statistics that say something like a kajillion people are meeting their match via online dating, it’s no wonder that Austin Calhoun and Kate Nelson did the same. Thanks to OkCupid’s format, Austin could see […]

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