Finding “Happily Ever After”

It’s a tale as old as time: Once upon a time…at a Cher concert… Kent and Diego Love-Ramirez were sitting in adjacent rows of the “nose-bleed section,” each with their own group of friends when […]

Arts Spotlight: 2014 Theater Year in Review

At the end of each year, John Townsend compiles his list of the “Bests” in the theater arts. Congratulations to all the people and companies for your successes, and thank you for making our scene […]

Best New Restaurants of 2014

The January sleet was merciless. Actually, I’m not certain it was January. The entirety of last winter felt like a January, but it was disgustingly, brutally, irritatingly cold as I shuffled inside Chef Shack Ranch. […]

Detroit 2014: The Come-Back Champ

Shovels in the ground for a new light rail route. Also a rink for professional hockey. Urban hipsters vying for condos in once-blighted neighborhoods. A riverfront promenade voted among America’s Top Ten. Bold-name chefs lured […]

On The Record: Best of 2014

Lots of music came out in 2014. Plenty have passed through one ear and out the other, but some of it did stick. Below are some of those albums that stayed in my head throughout […]

Ride Review: Randy’s Favorite Vehicles of 2014

Every year, I get the opportunity to drive a lot of vehicles. Some vehicles have been driven for around 15-20 minutes; others for as long as a week. In 2014, I averaged more than a […]

Barometer: Legendary Chi Chi LaRue Coming Home for the Holidays

On December 20 at the EagleBOLTBar in Downtown Minneapolis, the legendary Chi Chi LaRue continues a holiday tradition in the Twin Cities. Chi Chi LaRue’s XXXmas: All I Want for Christmas Is a Puppy features […]

Lavender’s Top Print-Edition Stories of 2014

1. Q & A with Jaiyah Saelua, of “Next Goal Wins” by Nell Gelhaus Issue 493 April 17, 2014 Nell Gelhaus’ column, “Playing for the Other Team,” premiered in January 2014. In one of her […]

Religious Bigotry

By Thomas Ehnert There are three things in my life I am more ashamed of than anything else. The first is that I, a gay twenty-year-old man, shunned my cousin when she came out, along […]

Dateland: Oh, Christmas Tree

Today, we’re getting our Christmas tree. I’m terrified. This always proves to be the worst day of the year. The day starts with a threat. “We’re going to the Christmas tree farm and we’re going […]

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