Ready Or Not, We’re All Getting Older…

By Cathy Croghan In the 1990s when I first started talking with friends about aging, I’d often get yawns or quizzical looks. Some folks would make a joke about the “old lesbians’ home” and occasionally, […]

HIV and Older Adults: Fact vs. Fiction

HIV and Older Adults: Fact vs. Fiction Older adults are not at risk for HIV or AIDS. False. The rates of HIV/AIDS among older adults 50 and over have increased more than 61% from 2001 […]

Going Down in History

People have been telling the stories of their history since the dawn of time; one doesn’t need to look further than the paintings on a cave wall to find that this is true. Within biological […]

Playing For The Other Team: Chris Kluwe Has Gone Off The Rails

Chris Kluwe has become a train wreck, and like all train wrecks, I can’t look away. It pains me to write these words, and I kind of expect backlash from my own community. In fact, […]

Be An Informed Consumer of Aging Services

By Cathy Croghan Welcoming and respectful services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) older adults can go unnoticed and unused simply because of fear or uncertainty. A 2012 survey of Twin Cities GLBT older […]

A Quick Word on GLBT Health

Gay and Gray in the Midwest One Iowa, an organization seeking equality for Iowa’s GLBT population, has started a new program called Gay & Gray in the Midwest. The new program strives to meet the […]

A Word In Edgewise: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.: Rats in the Granary; Canaries in the Mine

SCOTUS’s ruling for Hobby Lobby Stores: Not that big a deal? A disaster for women’s health care? There’s plenty of ink on both sides, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s 35-page scathing dissent. Too much to […]

The Salt Secret: Total Sensory Therapy

We’ve all experienced that glorious moment when suddenly the ability to breathe is restored as our sinuses drain after suffering through a cold or flu bug going around. What if there were a way to […]

Arts Spotlight: 501

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Through Aug. 16 Minnesota Centennial Showboat, Harriet Island on the Mississippi River, Downtown St. Paul (651) 227-1100 Now that the Mississippi is back to more normal levels the Minnesota […]

Green Line: Eating Down the Stops

The excitement of riding the new trains along the Green Line, Metro Transit’s light rail line that connects our two fraternal Twin Cities, had me wishing I had an Easter bonnet to break out. While […]

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