In Style: Meet Mayda

Mayda Miller, born in Incheon City, South Korea, and adopted at just under one year of age, has been bobbing her head and swaying to music since she was able to stand in her crib. […]

In Style: Meet Ben Meents

With a background in PR and marketing, Ben Meents has transitioned into media/analyst relations for Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. Ben and his fiancé, Chet, live in St. Louis Park with their three kids (Emma, 12, […]

In Style: Meet Richard Moody

The creative visionary behind IamMoody, an event and promotions company specializing in fashion, Richard Moody has a passion for fashion that knows no limits. Not only is Richard an expert on fashion, but he is a socialite […]

Shag Studio: Serving Up Vintage Style

“I can’t say that my initial intentions were to have a one-stop shop,” Chelsea Goodale says of her vintage emporium, Shag Studio. “More so, clothing and hair are two passions of mine that made sense […]

10 Tips for Being a “10” by Summer

By Benjamin Loehrer Finally! Summer is just around the corner and soon everybody will be showing some skin! Here are ten simple things you can start doing today to be ready for a day at the […]

Push Your Limits With AX Fitness

Most people who work out have some insecurity they face every time they set foot in a gym. Some people are self-conscious about their weight or the type of exercise they’re capable of performing. Some […]

Books: 492

On Loving Women Diane Obomsawin Translated by Helge Dascher Drawn & Quarterly $16.95 Obomsawin’s stark line art, her animal and bird characters, skim the deceptive surface of deep, emotional waters. The ten short stories each […]

Barometer: Bearracuda Returns to EagleBOLTbar

Gay bears in the Twin Cities are coming out of winter hibernation—and not just because of the spring weather! On April 19, they’re heading to the EagleBOLTbar in Downtown Minneapolis for the return of the […]

Music and Muscles

If there’s one evening in April to keep open, it’s April 10th when the rising stars—and adorable hunks—of the string quartet Well-Strung perform at the Illusion Theater as the highlight of a fundraiser for Call […]

A Word In Edgewise: Bill 1062: “Controversial Anti-Gay” or “Pro Religious Freedom”?

At this writing, Arizona governor Jan Brewer has vetoed State Senate Bill 1062, a piece of legislation supposedly designed to add protection for the religious freedom of individuals and businesses by allowing them to refuse […]

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