Terry Kilburn: He Spun the Globe–It Stopped at Hollywood

Terry Kilburn, actor, director, artistic director, recently talked at length with this Lavender writer about his early life, describing in cinematic detail how the only child of working class parents, Tom and Alice Kilburn, came to star […]

Dateland: I, Robot

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m lying in bed next to my girlfriend. Instead of paying attention to me, she is arguing with Google Maps. “What human being would ever take that route, you idiot!” she […]

A Word In Edgewise: Thanks – It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving

A friend was deciding whether or not to write his holiday letter to family and friends this year, musing that nothing much noteworthy had happened in 2013. I mentioned his steady growth in business, his accomplished […]

Lavender’s Story of The Year 2013

Marriage Equality Comes to Minnesota Without a doubt, the hot topic of 2013 was marriage equality. The early months of the year saw the build-up: debates among legislators, bills proposed, and rallying among citizens. These […]

Lavender’s Arts Spotlight: Year In Review 2013

Best Productions 1. Stick Fly, Park Square Theatre 2. Other Desert Cities, Guthrie Theater 3. Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, Walking Shadow Company 4. Skiing on Broken Glass, Guthrie Theater 5. The […]

Lavender’s Best of Dining 2013: The Last Slice

A table set with care, surrounded by friendly faces enveloped in a buzz of laughter: that’s the best. There were many dazzling new restaurants on the scene in 2013, but what I’ll remember most is […]

Lavender’s On The Record: Year In Review 2013

Another year, another collection of terrific music – with plenty of it coming from local shelves. Here are ten of my favorites from 2013:                     1. […]

Books: 484

Rattlesnake Vote Christina Glendenning God’s Mop $14.95 Glendenning’s first novel is disturbingly enjoyable, a real thriller. Starting with the inexplicable and brutal murder of an elderly, beloved woman, homophobic Minneapolis homicide detective S(amuel) d’Aries Reese and his […]

Worship: Walking the Talk: Local Churches Embrace New Ministers

GLBT Christians in the Twin Cities area will discover that many churches are opening their doors to our community like never before.  Recently, three large congregations have called openly gay men to serve as their […]

Skirting The Issues: 2013

Honestly, I’m not particularly crazy about year-end retrospectives. Invariably, I focus only on what I didn’t accomplish. In the end, I’m simply reminded that the big old clock I carry around in my head is […]

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