2013 Lavender Community Awards

Produced by Andy Lien Written by Shane Lueck The Lavender Community Awards are our new version of the Lavender 100 and the Pride Awards. Recipients of this year’s awards were nominated and voted for online […]

Slice: Wisconsin’s Pizza Harvest

Fall food made with just-harvested vegetables on a farm is a delicacy. Though there are now a number of “pizza farms” near the Twin Cities that serve pizza made in outdoor ovens throughout the summer […]

Six Questions with Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Cam Winton

This series of questions and answers with some of the Minneapolis mayoral candidates is to give the GLBT community a glimpse of five of the candidates this year.  Lavender selected five diverse candidates from the […]

A Word In Edgewise: It Needs To Get EVEN Better

Same-sex marriage is legal in Minnesota; DOMA is dead. I like to think that things are getting better. And they are, but the good is relentlessly pursued by the bad, the light by darkness. Recently, the NYPD […]

Big Gay News

BigGayNews from Kentucky: “Dead Town” In Kentucky Sees Revival After Passing Gay Rights Ordinance CBS News reports that eight months after this tiny Appalachian town took a stand against gay-based discrimination, it’s basking in a […]

From the Editor: Lessons Learned from Leaders

This might be my favorite issue of each year. It’s a bit like sending out presents by email when I notify people that they have been chosen by readers to receive awards. There are stages […]

Through These Eyes: 43 Ways To Surprise A Stranger

Lavender this issue celebrates readers’ 100 most favorite people, places, and things. So, here are 43 ways to make a stranger smile. 1.Write a love letter and leave it in a library book. 2.Give a rose […]

Hindu Gods Given Gender Re-Assignment and Intersex Pride at Mixed Blood

Playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil has written an epic trilogy of three plays based on the trinity of Hindu male deities: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer, and Shiva the Destroyer. Though Hinduism is generally seen […]

How Swede It Is

For centuries Danes ruled Sweden with a hard hand. Indeed, Copenhagen’s airport still serves as the arrival point for Western Sweden. But today, a new bridge then speeds visitors straight to the region, called Skane, […]

Bear With Me (While I Tell You About…): 479

Summer of Pride Brand G Vacations Winners As the Summer of Pride comes to a close, congratulations to Jimmy Burnett, the winner of the Summer of Pride drawing for a Mekong River cruise from Brand […]

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