I Never Thought I’d See the Day: Three couples reflect on their upcoming weddings…after a lifetime together.

Judy Winiecki and LaVerle McAdams  Judy Winiecki and LaVerle McAdams met on the Iron Range of Minnesota in 1969.  Ironically, it was LaVerle’s then-partner who introduced them.  A year later, they began seeing each other. […]

Got a Little Gay in You? Engagement Photography Celebrates Freedom to Marry

By Molly Ahern, a.m. photography The passage of Freedom to Marry in Minnesota in May was especially emotional for Ania and me, as a couple and as photographers. To celebrate the historic occasion we chose […]

Ms. Behavior®: Lesbians, Babies, Boyfriends, and Girlfiends

Dear Ms. Behavior: My best friend and her girlfriend just had a baby. Ellen promised that she wouldn’t become one of those mothers who only talk about feeding schedules and nipple chafing and poop. But […]

Slice: Marin

The interview was humming along so nicely until I heard words from Chef Mike Rakun, “That’s the only dish we use any butter in.”  Wait – what was that? What do you mean you don’t […]

Big Gay News

BigGayNews from Rome: Pope Signals Openness To Gay Priests The Wall Street Journal reports that Pope Francis opened the door Sunday to greater acceptance of gay priests inside the ranks of Roman Catholicism as he […]

Skirting the Issues: The White Knight

The night before a mid-June morning, I set the alarm for 4:45. No matter—I was wide-eyed at four, triggered by panic that I’d missed an imaginary highway exit ramp in some Sonata-induced dream. The bedroom […]

Letters: 475

Pride in Pictures Cover: So I go find a dozen copies to bring home for keeping (and giving to family), and I sit down to look through the whole magazine – each and every picture, […]

From the Editor: A Day in the Life

Marriage equality has come to Minnesota. Hallelujah. Congratulations. As the activity was happening at the State Capitol in May, it was apparent more marriage activity would be happening at the time our Senior Living Issue […]

On The Record: 475

Pet Shop Boys Electric Coming less than a year after the introspective Elysium, Electric finds the “boys” (they’re both well into their 50s now) in more of a dance mood. Of course, even the most exuberant Pet […]

A Word In Edgewise: “Who’s Watching the Watchers?”

A couple of decades ago I belonged to a gun club in Boston. I had a lot of fun shooting weekly matches in .22, .38 snubby, and semi-auto competitions. I also took the mandatory gun safety class, […]

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