VICTORY! Marriage Equality Becomes Law in Minnesota

  Hundreds of photos cover six days of Freedom to Marry history-in-the-making in Minnesota, from a vigil to a big party celebrating Marriage Equality. Photography by Sophia Hantzes. Click the links to access the galleries […]

Slice: Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

There is just nothing that compares to New York City: the busy sidewalks that feel like they could lead you to any one of a million new discoveries, the soaring buildings that scrape the sky, […]

Summer Getaways to Vienna, Austria

As my taxi brakes at Vienna’s Hotel Sacher, 600 tweens shriek a welcome. I return a queenly wave, then look behind me. Oh. It’s Justin Bieber. It’s true: Vienna is loosening her stays, trading her […]

Summer Getaways to Rhode Island, the Ocean State

by Yani Altagracia Peña Recently becoming the tenth state to perform same-sex marriages in the country, Rhode Island’s long-standing tradition of inclusion, liberty, and tolerance have cemented its reputation as one of the most gay-friendly states […]

Arts Spotlight: 470

Alice in Wonderland Through June 15 Children’s Theatre, 2400 3rd Av. S., Mpls. (612) 874-0400 A resplendent example of an alternate reality being conjured right before your eyes on stage. Peter Brosius’s direction and G.W. […]

Ride Review: Ford Fusion

In previous reviews for this car, the label “sexy” has been applied to it. “Sexy?” How can a mid-sized family sedan, promising seating for five and fuel efficiency, be considered “sexy”? There are plenty of […]

Leather Life: Minnesota Leather Pride 2013 features appearance by Hardy Haberman

This year’s theme: “Perfect Union/Coming Together” Internationally known author, filmmaker, leatherman and gay activist Hardy Haberman will be making a speaking appearance in the Twin Cities as part of this year’s Minnesota Leather Pride celebration. Haberman’s appearance […]

I’ll Take Civil Marriage for the Win!

No one could be happier than I that gay marriage passed in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago.  I’m thrilled we disproved my thesis in “The DFL’s Big Gay Farce.”  Minnesotans United for All Families, […]

Skirting the Issues: Lily

Lily swallowed and returned her near-empty beer to the tabletop. A half second and quarter smile later, she said, “God, Dad, even when I was a kid, you’d say how it’s important to be able […]

MARRIAGE VICTORY (FINALLY): The Historic Compromise

It has finally been achieved in Minnesota.  Marriage has arrived for GLBT couples.   The effort was not without its ups and downs. Within hours of the November 6, 2012, election victory over the proposed Minnesota […]

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