Ms. Behavior®: Body Pillows and Cross-Dressing

Dear Ms. Behavior: My girlfriend recently came home with this new addition to our love bed: a body pillow.  The five-foot-long pillow is like having another person in the bed with us!  Between the bolster […]

An Interview with David W. Cook: Artist, Flower Bomber, Inspiration

A bright flower suddenly appeared on my Facebook wall. I’d been virtually flower bombed. A new friend with David Cook, I’d only heard that he’s an artist who has taken to flower bombing the Twin […]

Summer in the Cities – Slice: Our Guide to the Best, New Outdoor Dining

Is it just me, or was this winter kind of an a-wad? Every time we considered packing away the wooly wardrobe, another bracing round of weather would land another crotch shot. It got to the […]

Big Gay News

BigGayNews from the United States: Jason Collins Comes Out: NBA Player Becomes First Openly Gay Professional Male Athlete In Major Sport The Huffington Post reports that NBA center Jason Collins has become the first male […]

Ms. Behavior®: Trust Your First Impressions and Drunken Sleepover Regrets

Dear Ms. Behavior, A while back I met a man online who said he had trouble meeting other men.  It seemed like we had some things in common, so we kept in touch by email […]

OUT Twin Cities Film Festival: ‘The Main’ Tells Bar’s Colorful Three-Decade Saga

One of the highlights of this year’s OUT Twin Cities Film Festival is The Main, a Minnesota-made 72-minute documentary by director Julie Casper Roth. Up for the $400 best feature award, it screens June 2, […]

Through These Eyes: Facebook’s Glass Wall

If you’re an asshole, own it. Be an asshole. Make no apologies. Feel no compassion for those you burn–but mind you–from your peers you will see none, either. If you’re an angel, fuck you. If you’re […]

OUT Twin Cities Film Festival: ‘No Look Pass’ Unique Documentary On Lesbian Identity, Women’s Basketball, and Immigrant Experience

No Look Pass is an absorbing new documentary about Emily Tay. It shows the intersection of her traditionalist Burmese parents, her time on Harvard’s women’s basketball team and on a professional German team, women she […]

Shivering in the Shadows

In our society, parents are primarily responsible for making sure their children are taken care of.  Because of the bonds of affinity between a parent and a child, in most cases the parent will make […]

Arts Spotlight: 469

I Love To Eat: A Love Story With Food Through May 18 Illusion Theater, 528 Hennepin Av., Mpls. (612) 339-4944 Garry Geiken’s solo portrayal of legendary chef, James Beard, is a gentle low-key revelation […]

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