Spring Home & Garden: Remodeling A Kitchen on the Cheap

With spring finally around the corner, it’s time to brush off those dusty dreams of remodeling the less-than-desirable spaces in your home! Maybe you want to spruce up an area in your home that feels […]

Staging Your Home to Sell

One of the most stressful times in a homeowner’s life is when they decide to sell their home and move to the next big thing. The process becomes especially daunting when it comes to getting […]

Against the Civil Unions Debate

Civil Unions Not the Answer There is has been quite a lot commentary about same-sex marriage and the suitability of Civil Unions as a valid, easier-to-obtain alternative.  Unfortunately, Civil Unions are not the answer:  A […]

Beating the Clock

On March 12, 2013, the Minnesota Legislature heard the committee testimony on Rep. Karen Clark and Sen. Scott Dibble’s same sex marriage bills in both the House and Senate.  While both committees had arranged testimony, […]

Life Doesn’t Just Get Better, It Gets Amazing

With an increase in school bullying and teenage suicide, many groups have come forth with their own message of how “It Gets Better.” Teens just need to push through these rough years knowing that someone, […]

Slice: Rincón 38

Chef Hector Ruíz has a lot on his plate. The busy chef and owner of Café Ena and the newly opened Rincón 38 is filling me in on a frustrating phone call he had just […]

Letters to the Editor: 466

To the Editor: While well-intentioned and informative, albeit ambitious, I fail to see the point of your Spring 2013 Wedding Issue since Minnesota still doesn’t legally allow nor recognize same-sex marriage.  Perhaps disillusionment and disgust […]

Books: 466

Two markedly disparate books, one a memoir, one a novel, explore in their fashions the theme of selfness, who one is in place and time, and what maps the perspectives one uses to chart one’s […]

The Return of the Skort—Part 2 (A special Dateland noir!)

(In our first installment, I found myself trapped by a blizzard in the suburbs and was forced to take shelter at a bed and breakfast.) Although it was midnight, the proprietress of the Auberge, the […]

Leather Life: Power, Education and Society

If you haven’t seen your humble columnist out and about lately, it’s because I have gone back to college. I now am enrolled as a degree-seeking student in the College of Individualized Studies at Metropolitan State University […]

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