Ms. Behavior®: Breaking Fashion Rules and Gospel Choir Bullies

Dear Ms. Behavior: I feel that you are the only one who can help me in this crisis, and indeed I have nowhere else to turn.  Here is my dilemma: I happen to look good […]

Dateland: The Return of the Skort—Part 2

(In our first installment, I found myself trapped by a blizzard in the suburbs and was forced to take shelter at a bed and breakfast.)   Although it was midnight, the proprietress of the Auberge, […]

Wedding Fashion: Rewriting History

Produced & Styled by Style-Architects, Photography by Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc., Models: Elle and Courtney from Ignite Models,  Mathew Janczewski, and Orlando Hunter Tara Latour Angela Gown, $13,550, l’atelier couture, Ferragamo […]

Wedding Fashion Resources

Style-Architects Style-Architects is a boutique lifestyle services company dedicated to creating personalized and awe-inspiring events, weddings and wardrobe styling services. Based in the North Loop area of Minneapolis, Style-Architects’ events and wedding services include everything […]

From the Editor: Rewriting History

This is the third comprehensive Wedding Issue that Lavender has published for the GLBT community; the theme is “Rewriting History.” History can be written, revised, and rewritten as it is reimagined or reconsidered. Or, history […]

Throw Your Own: Of Cakes and Plates

Shouldn’t your wedding be as unique as the two of you?   My thought was to create wedding cakes based off dinnerware patterns you can register for that would inspire you to look at your own […]

Wedding Marketplace

Assorted Rings from Todd Reed Max’s Oxidized silver, gold, palladium, and diamonds are what can symbolize your love and commitment to each other forever. Please call for prices.   Bridal Bouquet Duo Linder’s Floral […]

A New Life, A New Look

Congratulations! You’ve fallen in love! Whether the two of you are newlyweds, just moving in together, or an older couple who once found love but are now with a new person, it’s time to brace […]

Slice: A Toast to Food

Love is many a splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong.  All you need is love. Well, love and a fabulous caterer wouldn’t hurt. As you move from the exciting thrill of betrothal […]

Showmance Turned Romance

At first glance, the moment of Nick Kunz and James Kennedy’s engagement wasn’t exactly picturesque. It wasn’t elaborately planned, nor did it take place in an idyllic location like something out of a romantic comedy. […]

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