2013 Spring Arts & Food Preview

Spring is finally around the corner and Lavender is pleased to present the bi-annual Arts & Food Preview covering some of the entertaining and evocative shows to come to the Twin Cities between March and […]

From the Editor: An Open Letter to Minnesota Legislators

My name is Andrea Lien and I am the Managing Editor of Lavender Magazine, the magazine for the community of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT), and straight allies of the region which has been publishing […]

Pillars of the Community

Sometimes last minute engagements can be the most interesting.  I found out the day of the event that two Human Rights Campaign directors were in town to do a town hall meeting about their work.  […]

Letters to the Editor: 464

Dear Lavender, About Brett Stevens’ conversation with Rep. Andrea Kieffer… it was a well-written, expressive piece, and I was right there with him up until he wrote this: “There is a romanticization of the idea […]

Through These Eyes: The Amazing Shadows

It’s so hot he’s naked, this heartbroken boy, curled up on his bed, hands on his stomach, wrenching out his pain. It’s a breathtaking pain, you know, that’ll make you stutter and gasp for air. […]

She Rock She Rock: Music and Empowerment

If you’ve always wanted to pick up an instrument and rock out like a pro, now’s your chance! She Rock She Rock, a non-profit organization that focuses on uniting and empowering women and gender non-conforming […]

Music: 464

Kwanza Jones Supercharged Jones declares herself to be a “gladiator in a thong” at the top of her third album. While that sounds both painful and impractical, the vibe continues throughout the bouncy, dance-floor packing […]

My New Kentucky Home

I’m in George Clooney’s bed. Alas, he’s not. But it’s the room he chooses in the French Quarter Inn when he returns to Maysville, Kentucky for movie premieres and to remember his Aunt Rosemary (whose […]

Politics: Vanguard

Some people have questioned why I’m writing about ideas other than the “all or nothing” same-sex marriage legislation proposed by Minnesotans United for All Families among other groups.  They have also questioned why Lavender would […]

Skirting the Issues: Anniversary

A family anniversary coincides with the day this column is due to my editor. The anniversary? A suicide. My father. 1990. Fifty-three-years old. Depressed and alcoholic. Smith & Wesson .38 caliber. Bathtub. Mom found him. […]

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