Ms. Behavior®: Riddles of Romance

Dear Ms. Behavior: My boyfriend Peter and I recently saw a movie about the possible destruction of the entire planet by a comet. A small number of randomly-chosen people might be saved by being taken […]

Skirting the Issues: Envy

At a Friday afternoon club gathering—something us older folks know as a FAC—I struck up a conversation with a very fit, short-haired woman. It turned out she was a therapist who works exclusively with 15 […]

Slice: Campus Eats

That’s right ladies and gentlemen; school is back in session. To help beat the back to school blues, we’re bringing you some of the best bites you’ll find around our area colleges. Whether you’re looking […]

Dateland: It Doesn’t Add Up

My girlfriend, Wendy, and I were sitting on the deck last night, drinking a glass of wine and playing the fun game: Who Has Humiliated Themselves More Over A Girl. I was fairly certain I’d […]

On the Record: Frank Ocean, Soul Asylum, Marina and the Diamonds, Dirty Projectors

Frank Ocean Channel ORANGE Ocean made waves earlier this summer when he sort of/maybe came out, but his debut solo album would have earned plenty of notice regardless. Merging smooth R&B delivery with modern electronics […]

Learning for Life: Non-traditional Schooling Opportunities

When people hear the word “college,” most envision a young, fresh-faced high school graduate strolling around campus with books in hand, eager to be exposed to the world of academia. Little attention is given to […]

Back To School Product Guide

Deck the walls with posters Gays Always Welcome, Sorry Boys…I’m Gay, Sorry Girls…I’m Gay.  Declare yourself. $19.99, 11″ x 17″.   Clocky by Nanda Home Need an alarm clock that plays hard to get just to […]

Against the Amendment: Eileen Scallen

Q&A with Eileen A. Scallen, Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of Law “We serve the law. We teach it, study it, practice it, and work to make it just. This is our mission.” – Mission […]

The Aliveness Project

In the United States today, HIV and AIDs are largely no longer seen as a death sentence.  Many people experience HIV/AIDs as a manageable life-long or chronic illness.  The key word is “manageable.”  But AIDs, […]

Arts Spotlight: 450

Lovers and Executioners Sept. 29 – Oct. 14 Gremlin Theatre, 2400 University Av. W., St. Paul (612) 234-7135 This play from the 1660s by Antoine Jacob de Montfleury has been adapted by John Strand […]

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