2012 Gay World Series Guide

Welcome to the 2012 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series!  We know you’ll enjoy your stay in our fine state of Minnesota.  To help you navigate your visit while you’re not on the softball fields, Lavender […]

Secrets of Bayfield County

You’ve probably been to Bayfield, Wisconsin. Or, at the very least, heard of its myriad charms: stately Victorian B & Bs, sailboats skipping between islands that rise in low mounds out of Lake Superior, sweet […]

Against the Amendment: Q and A with Twin Cities World Series Organizer Bill Venne

What is the NAGAAA Softball World Series? The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance is the organizer  of the Gay Softball World Series—the largest annual predominantly gay sporting event in the world. This year, it’s […]

A Word In Edgewise: Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow: Summer

A year ago, I escaped the worst of the July heat wave by having knee replacement surgery, recovering in an air-conditioned rehab facility. This year, conserving my remaining knee, I flew to California, just south of San […]

Through These Eyes: I Don’t Belong Here

“You think you’re so fucking special,” the Man with No Face tells me. He’s wearing a Freddy Krueger mask. I don’t know who he is. It’s Halloween, five years ago. “Go to hell,” he tells […]

Sports Profile: Larry Barthel

I sit at my computer trying to reconcile the news from Andy (Lavender’s Managing Editor): A seemingly perfectly healthy, vivacious man I met just a couple of weeks had a stroke. It didn’t seem possible. […]

Ms. Behavior®: Down In the Dumps and Definitely Disgruntled

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’m a lesbian who recently got dumped by the woman of my dreams. She didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me why; instead, she stopped returning my calls and answering my […]

Farm Dinners

Last summer, I experienced my first dinner on a farm. A cadre of chefs fretted over steaming grills, while guests reclined in chairs set up along a winding row of white tablecloth-covered tables. A nearby […]

NAGAAA 2012 Gay Softball World Series

Of the many activities our community is involved with, there is nothing like a friendly game of softball. The Twin Cities always had a tradition of GLBT softball. The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League just wrapped up […]

Big Gay News

Gay Marriage Heads to DNC Platform Politico.com reports that Democrats are set to endorse marriage equality for their convention platform, but neither the party nor the Obama campaign wanted to elaborate. Six states have legalized […]

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