Crossword: Progress Since Stonewall

For an interactive version of the crossword puzzle, click here. This crossword puzzle, was constructed by George Barany, a Chemistry Professor at the University of Minnesota, and Arthur Rothstein, a software developer in San Francisco. […]

Ms. Behavior®: Bagels in Bed and Bisexual Conundrum

Dear Ms. Behavior: A few days ago, my girlfriend and I had sex. After I had “done” her, she rolled over in an attempt to do me. It was nearly noon and I hadn’t eaten […]

On The Record: Scissor Sisters, Sigur Ros, Beach House, Regina Spektor

Scissor Sisters Magic Hour Perhaps it’s fitting that album number four dropped just after the passing of Robin Gibb, because there’s a decided Bee Gees vibe working on some of the songs here. It’s an […]

Skirting the Issues: A Different Opinion

Warning: Some in the transgender community won’t be pleased with this column. A few weeks ago, I was at Macalester College where the very popular Dean Spade spoke. Spade, a well-known transgender scholar-activist, has done […]

Dateland: I’m In It For the Warm Cookies

I have a terrible confession. I don’t know why any gay wants to get married. Hasn’t it been great not getting married? Don’t you think that the inability to marry your same-sex partner is one […]

Leather Life: International Mr. Leather 2012

Your humble columnist has traveled to Chicago for the International Mr. Leather (IML) contest every Memorial Day weekend since 1994. Every year brings a new group of contestants, judges, and vendors in the Leather Market, mixed with […]

Glorious and Gay: Gardens of Our Community

Check out the Photo Gallery of each garden at the end of the article. We love our gardens—those lush little oases of heaven in an urban setting that remind us of the beauty of nature, […]

A Word in Edgewise: Talk is Cheap—And Effective

There are less than five months until the November 6 elections. You can say a lot in that time. Talk with friends, family, neighbors; those who don’t mind if same-sex couples marry, but are unaware that without […]

Through These Eyes: Hot Night Toolkit

Congratulations on purchasing the Hot Night Toolkit! If you’re reading this message, you didn’t cancel your order! Thank you. In the Kit, you will find everything you need to make nights on the town, well, […]


The GLBT Community Has a Strong Ally with President Obama Last week, President Obama made history. He became the first sitting President in the history of this great nation to endorse the notion that loving […]

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