The Case for Magic Mike: A History of Channing Tatum in Film and Why You Should Give “Magic Mike” a Chance

We know you’re probably not interested in seeing “Magic Mike,” coming to theaters on June 29.  No, it’s not as hard-hitting a movie as Channing Tatum is used to starring in, but hear us out.  […]

Books: 445

Histoire des Oiseaux: A History of Birds François Nicolas Martinet h.f.ullmann $69.99 This lush volume will be of great interest to birders, art lovers, and naturalists. Comprising some 200 color plates, the book contains just a […]

Commentary: Messing with God’s Design

True story. My goddaughter, MK, attends the third grade in a parochial school in the East Metro.  A few weeks ago, her teacher was leading a discussion with her students about the good works that […]

The Forgotten Continent

Photos courtesy of Heidi FellnerIt’s safe to say that I got the standard K-12 education that most of you did, the end result being that I know far more about Ancient Rome than I do […]

The Next Gay Plague: Anal Cancer

by Paul Mittelstadt, MD Anal cancer in gay men or men having sex with men (MSM) has the appearance of being the next major health crisis within the gay community. This disease has been discussed […]

THE Event of the Season

My girlfriend and I are preparing for our annual trip to Provincetown, Mass. A few minutes ago, she clicked open the Provincetown events web site and started reading off our entertainment options for the week. […]

Politics: Interview with the Log Cabin Republicans

Q&A with the Log Cabin Republicans: 1.) Who Are the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Endorsing in the Upcoming Local and National Elections? Ken Smoron: LCR MN has not yet begun the endorsement process for […]

Fashion: It’s All Happening at the Zoo

  Mixed animal printed maxi dress by Desigual $154, available at Whymsy. Bracelet $44, bangles $16 to $28, available at STYLEDLIFE.     Pink blouse $108. Jeans by Sinclair MFGRP $172. Wrap necklace $60. Large bead […]

Skirting the Issues: Clicking

It was completely unexpected, something out of left field. My adorable gay friend Joe and I were at Art-A-Whirl, experiencing all that the Northrup King Building had to offer—eclectic first floor and artsy second floor. […]

Book Review: Being Emily – Breaking Important New Ground

“It’s a love letter to my friends in the trans community,” Rachel Gold said with a contagious smile. “I understand what it means to be different.” We had just sat down to talk about her […]

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