You know those thought-provoking theater companies that offer probing post-performance discussions? Well, that’s so not Chan. How about a post-show disco party instead? Right. I thought so. Save that “Long Day’s Journey” ticket for a […]

Through These Eyes: And So We Speak

Listen to Justin read this piece:  And So We Speak I write because I like to write. I want to make you smile and think about things that don’t matter, and some things that do. […]

Ms. Behavior®: Pay Attention…and the Dry Cleaning Bill

Dear Ms. Behavior: I met a woman about three months ago who seemed too good to be true. Cindy started out to be the most attentive girlfriend ever. She sent me love letters and flowers […]

Gender-Bending Historical Masterpiece By Local Playwright Finally Gets First Local Staging

Local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher’s 1999 historical masterpiece, Compleat Female Stage Beauty, is one of the best plays ever written about life in the theater, not to mention that its insights about gender and sexuality are mind-blowing. It was also […]

Big Gay News – May 17, 2012

1-Mexico Libertarian Nominee Slams Republicans For Gay Spokesman Flap BuzzFeed.com reports that new Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson accused the Republicans of wrongdoing for the situation surrounding Mitt Romney’s openly gay foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell. […]

Books: 443

California Dreamers Mark Abramson Lethe Press $18.00 Number six of Abramson’s Beach Reading Mystery series takes us into the layers and depths of protagonist Tim Snow’s psychic powers. He’s used them before, but now they’re being amped […]

Against the Amendment: Randi and Phil Reitan

Randi and Phil Reitan are Eden Prairie residents and longtime LGBT allies. Below, they share a little about their family and their fierce opposition to the marriage amendment this fall. Lavender Magazine: How has your […]

A Word In Edgewise: Cherchez la Femme?

I’ve mentioned before that the political climate in the US is taking on an aura of woo-woo speculative fiction, a sort of Orwellian 1984-cum-The Handmaid’s Tale ambience. I had that feeling learning that Georgia State Representative Bobby […]

Summer in the Cities

Beer Dabbler Food  There’s no better way to celebrate summer than with the perfect pairing of local beer and local food! The Beer Dabbler is teaming up with Twin Cities Pride to host a celebration […]

GLBT Greeting Cards

Entrepreneur Debra Pesek glows as she talks about her line called “Too plus Too” of GBLT greeting cards. But it was during a dimmer period of her life that the inspiration struck. A few years […]

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