Valentine Gift Guide

You Are the Cheese to My Macaroni Sign ($19.95) from Patina, 6 Metro Locations,   Ceramic Red Bowl with Wooden Heart Spoon ($39.95) from Patina, 6 Metro Locations,   Lollia In Love Bubble Bath ($35.95) from Patina, 6 […]

Socially Savvy: For Valentine’s Day, Treat Yourself

Holidays come with their own levels of expectation—turkey for one, champagne toasts on another. It is no wonder that Valentine’s Day may require the most daunting of all expectations: a willing participant. Sending cards, delivering […]

Arts Spotlight: 435

The Lion King Through Feb. 12 Orpheum Theatre, 910 Hennepin Av., Mpls. (800) 859-7469 Julie Taymor’s direction of The Lion King (which actually started at the Orpheum) is rightly considered to be singular and legendary. But she is […]

Ms. Behavior®: Deafness and Jealousy

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’m a lesbian and slightly hard of hearing. Last night a friend told me about a scientific report from a few years ago, alleging that lesbians have hearing similar to that of […]

Against the Amendment: Interview with Susan Jennerjohn

Susan Jennerjohn, a recent transplant to a Minneapolis suburb from Iowa, is a mother of 3 and grandmother to one. She’s a retired special education and kindergarten teacher of nearly 40 years, and super volunteer for Minnesotans United for […]

James C. Hormel: Fit to Serve

The core of James C. Hormel’s memoir, Fit to Serve, is the book’s subtitle: Reflections of a Secret Life, Private Struggle, and Public Battle to Become the First Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador. Born in 1933 in Austin, […]

Through These Eyes: How to Meet a Stranger

Parents provide some helpful hints for navigating life; through their guidance, we learn how not to die. Like, you know, when they teach us to look both ways before crossing a street. Or to abstain […]

The Brighter Side of Winter

With the garden tucked away for winter and hardy plants settled into dormancy, gardeners too can think about taking a little rest. After all, like the plants, we need a little downtime to be ready […]

Travel: Québec City, Québec

Manger pour vivre ou vivre pour manger? Bon appétit! Would you rather live to eat, or eat to live? Yeah, me too. That’s why we pinnacles of the evolved palate love French food, while Neanderthals […]

Arts Interview: Tracie Bennett, the Guthrie’s Judy Garland

Tracie Bennett Talks About the Exploitation of a Child Star Whose Legacy is Gay Legend “There wasn’t a thing that gal couldn’t do – except take care of herself.” – Bing Crosby Judy Garland (1922-69) […]

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