Socially Savvy: Lisa McDonald and George Soule – Holiday Entertaining on a Grand Scale

It’s a bold proclamation to claim the first Saturday in December for your annual holiday party, but George Soule and Lisa McDonald have done just that for the past 22 years. This is more than […]

A Word in Edgewise: License to Bully?

Although Michigan toned down its recent hateful anti-bullying bill and passed a saner, more moderate version, the whole episode can still stand as a model of what to expect from bigots; tenacity, disingenuousness, and downright skullduggery. Into the […]

From the Editor: Person of the Year

We have multiple people within the issue who have done amazing things this past year: Stephan who outlived homelessness in Justin Jones’s piece; the politicians and organizations who spoke out against the atrocities in Uganda […]

Glimpses: 432

A Queer and Trans People of Color Gathering to Support our Liberation and Self Determination PFund Foundation, the only Minnesota foundation dedicated exclusively to LGBT equality, and the Astraea Foundation for Justice, a national LGBT […]

Ms. Behavior: Horny Lesbians and Hostessing for the Mostessing

Dear Ms. Behavior: When I told my longtime lesbian friend Jodi that I’m bi-curious, she invited me to come with her to a bar. It was an eye-opening experience. I like attention, but women were […]

Uganda: An Overview of How White American Evangelicals and Enriched Ugandan Politicians Target Lesbians and Gays

Local Motion and Inertia Regarding the Crusade against Uganda’s Gays & Lesbians Part 2 in Lavender‘s Uganda series Wingspan Ministry of St. Paul-Reformation Church has endeavored to make the public aware of the mass hysteria fomented […]

Dateland: The Buffer

Hollywood produces many big-budget movies about superheroes. These generally focus on men who have been bitten by radioactive spiders; or deeply misunderstood men with troubled pasts and a taste for vengeance; or male robots who […]

Arts Spotlight: Performing Arts 2011 Year in Review

Performing Arts Events of the Year The Opening of the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts & The Center of the Margins Festival of Plays About Disability, Mixed Blood Theatre Best Theatrical Productions 1. […]

Big Gay News

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank Announces Retirement The Associated Press reports that Dem. Rep. Barney Frank, the first voluntarily openly gay member of Congress has announced he will retire at the end of his current term; […]

Off the Record: James Rocco, Rocker

Most people in the local arts community know James Rocco as a producing artistic director at the Ordway Center, where he has had a hand in many of the recent original productions at the St. […]

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