Leather Life: A Beginning and an Ending

Two local leather/BDSM events with similar names, held the same September weekend, represented a beginning and an ending. The beginning: the first Northern Lights (and Kinky Nights) regional BDSM education weekend was held in St. […]

Through These Eyes: Night of the Witch

It scares the leaves off the trees, asks us to carve its image and play its tease; entices with tricks and treats–in wrappers and in human sweets. Instills fear in many, vanity in some, and […]

Commentary: A Bill for an Act

1.2 proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution; adding a section to 1.3 article XIII; forbidding marriage between individuals of differing races. A bill being considered for the 2012 Minnesota Legislature will ask members to […]

Music: The Rapture, Peter Wolf Crier, Stephin Merrit, & David Guetta

  In the Grace of Your Love The Rapture The Rapture have been absent from the dance music scene for a relative geologic age – five years – but make a game try on their […]

Ms. Behavior: Adoption, Insemination, Ours?

Dear Ms. Behavior: My partner and I have been together for nearly 11 years. Now that graduate school and quandaries over career paths are over, at 40 we both feel financially and emotionally secure enough […]

In the Name of the Father, etc.

My mother told me today that she secretly baptized my two nieces. We were having lunch and I was riffing on the fact that the kids are being raised Buddhist, and, just to mess with […]

From the Editor: Politics as Usual?

Halloween and Politics: Two subjects that our publication should be soaking in until our fingers get pruney.  The season is changing, the costumes are coming out, and the politics are borderline gruesome—as usual. I ran […]

Arts Spotlight: 428

Songs for a Swan — Myron Johnson, the pioneering artistic director of the gender-bending Ballet of the Dolls, has been dancing for 50 years, since age eight. His latest solo work examines his life experience […]

A Word in Edgewise: A Little Knowledge is a Very Dangerous Thing

In my youth, I had the idea that being “conservative” was a good trait since it meant looking carefully at data before taking action, while being “liberal” was also good because it meant looking beyond […]

Sugar & Spice: Intruders

Snow Patrol plays on my laptop as I lather my face for a shave. I’m in my bathroom, alone. The tag on my towel keeps playing with my calf. Instead of tearing it off, I […]

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