From the Editor: Always Learning

Back To School A trio of lovely ladies spoke with me at the meet-up at the State Fair the other day. The meet-up was informal, the 5th Annual Gay Day was unofficial, the people were […]

Church Camp: The Naming Project

Summer camp. Youthful memories of a time of life when things were figured out between trips to the ballpark or mall. Life was sort of complicated in the way that only teenagers can complicate things. […]

Locally Sourced: Joia Soda

  There’s a new soda sweeping the Cities’ marketplace and leaving a wafting trail of citrusy herb scents in its wake. Joia All Natural Soda has only just hit the shelves and already it’s causing […]

Books: 425

Father Tierney Stumbles John Shekleton iUniverse $16.95 Father Joe Tierney, a deeply committed (and closeted) pastor of the parish of Mater Dei, learns he’s HIV positive. Shekleton’s tale is set in a big city in […]

Arts Spotlight: 425

The Pride — One of Britain’s recent acclaimed gay dramas gets its area premiere. Playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell juxtaposes gay life in 1958 when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK with the vastly more […]

Skirting the Issues: Wyoming

A couple weeks ago, I visited Wyoming. Yes, that Wyoming, the state that every GLBT person should be able to pinpoint on a map with eyes closed. The Wyoming that killed Matthew Shepard. I’ve been […]

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