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Our Scene

Passionately Acted “Zafira” Spins a Cautionary Yarn on Level 9

The fear of mass incarceration of immigrants animates Zafira and the Resistance, now running as part of the Guthrie’s Level 9 series at the facility’s Dowling Studio. The New Arab-American Theater Works company has assembled a […]

Coup d’Etat’s Wild, Woolly & Wise “Rogue Prince” – An Exhilarating Roller Coaster Ride of Raw Comedy & High Drama

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”  -Henry IV in William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part Two Theatre Coup d’Etat propels theater to the basics with total reliance on actors, words and action in an open […]

Slick, Stylish, and Refreshing – A Sexually Awakened “Rocky Horror” on Park Square’s Main Stage

Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show seems to be etched in stone as to how it is expected to appear on stage. Images from its early uber-glam productions and its cult classic status as a film, with […]

Haygen-Brice Walker’s Play to be Read as a Queer Forms Event

The U of M’s Nash Gallery QUEER FORMS exhibition is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. As part of this the Playwrights’ Center was commissioned to write a new piece titles SEVEN.YEARS.OF.SHED.SKIN by Queer Latinx […]

Rasmussen’s Dreamy Vision – “Ride the Cyclone” at the Jungle

In some her best work yet as the Jungle Theatre’s Artistic Director, Sarah Rasmussen has staged Ride the Cyclone with a mastery of great visuals and aurals alchemized with flesh and blood actors. However, the actors don’t […]


Our Affairs

Walk The Walk

The 31st annual Minnesota Walk to End HIV returns Saturday, Oct. 12 in Minnehaha Regional Park. This year’s Minnesota Walk to End HIV, previously called the Minnesota AIDS Walk, will take place in the same […]

Books: 635

Our Gay History in Fifty States Zaylore Stout Wise Ink $40 Starting in 2014, Zaylore Stout drove through the fifty states, Washington, DC, and the island territories seeking America’s gay history, seeking out individuals, local icons, […]

Skirting The Issues: Authenticity

Hello again dear gentle readers! I’m back from a mini sabbatical that allowed me to pen nearly 50,000 words of varying quality toward my second book, Being Ellen. It was quite wonderful—heaven for this closet […]

A Word In Edgewise: When the Sickness of the Oyster is the Pearl

Professor Temple Grandin is celebrated for her work on humane treatment of livestock and her articulate descriptions of life on the autism spectrum (Emergence: Labelled Autistic, Thinking in Pictures). Diagnosed as “brain damaged,” professionals originally advised the child’s […]

Books: 633

Prognosis: A Memoir of My Brain Sarah Vallance Little A $24.95 Vallance asks to ride a friend’s usually placid horse. Bolting, it jumps a fence, unseats Sarah who lands on her un-helmeted head. Following tests, all […]


Our Lives

Real Weddings: Larissa Rose and Emily Lynn Phelps Woebkenberg

Photographer: Lisa Quinlan at Gray Duck Studios Date of Wedding: Sept. 1, 2019 Dating Since: July 6, 2017 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Bar and Cafe Lurcat Wedding Coordinator: Jon Veda Cake: Cafe and Bar Lurcat Invitations: Minted

Real Weddings: Karin and Beverly Keller

Photographer: Mystic Lake Date of Wedding: June 15, 2019 Dating Since: 2009 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Mystic Lake Center, Prior Lake, MN Wedding Coordinator: Brooke Follen Stylist: Cole’s Salon Burnsville Cake: Cupcakes from Mystic Lake Invitations: Shutterfly Florist: Bachman’s […]

Meet Me At The Trailhead

Jason Nguyen and Kellan Baker say ‘I do’ in one of Minneapolis’ most unique wedding venues: the Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Regional Park. From Vietnam to St. Cloud to Minneapolis to a dating app, Jason […]

Queens Of The Castle

Athena and Carleigh Rand share how they went from high school classmates to wives. Perhaps if you asked Carleigh Rand and Athena Stifter when they were in the same 9th grade AP human geography class […]

From The Editor: A Harvest Of Love

You know, a lot of folks say that May is prime time for weddings. And it makes sense: the warm weather is back, the spring colors fancy up our surroundings, and spring just feels like […]


Our Homes

Life, Love, And Coloring Books

Theo Lorenz talks about their journey as a realtor, author, and a staunch advocate for the trans and non-binary communities. Long before Theo Lorenz began their journey as a Twin Cities realtor, they always had […]


Little Canada, Big Lions

David Carroll shares what led him to opening Lions Share Maintenance, a pressure washing service based in Little Canada, and the services they offer. David Carroll was working for a window cleaning company for about […]


New Today, Old Tomorrow

Emuble Furnishing, a Minneapolis-based vintage furniture store, sells more than just furniture. At Emuble Furnishing, the outdated, the has-been, and the so-yesterday are more than welcome. Owned by Mike Kranz and Jose Rivera, Emuble Furnishing […]


Shine Bright Like A Lappin

Electrical company Lappin Lighting has been lighting up the Midwest since 1919, but today it does so much more. Lappin Lighting has seen quite a bit of improvement. In 1919, the family-owned electrical distributor was […]


Cookin’ Up A Powderhorn Storm

For the first year ever, the Powderhorn Culinary Arts Show will feature cooks of all skill levels on Oct. 19. Whether you own your own restaurant, you’re a novice in your kitchen at home, or […]

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